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Rael Isacowitz on BASI Pilates

Welcome to BASI Pilates®.  I’d like to tell you a little about our past, our present, and our future.

I was in Australia in 1989 and had been teaching Pilates for a decade, when I recognized the beginnings of the explosive growth the Pilates industry was about to experience. Of course, Joseph and Clara Pilates had developed their exercise method many years before and it had always had strong supporters, but this was different. I felt a strong surge of interest in this forward-thinking method with its emphasis on core strength, functional muscle development, body alignment, and the mind-body connection.

Being a staunch advocate of the Pilates Method, I realized the need for a structured Pilates teacher training program. Until that point, most people (including myself) were trained by being apprentices in Pilates studios, a process which often took years. This was not negative, quite the contrary, but the growing demand for teachers was making the process impractical.

The Pilates industry needed teachers. Either future teachers were going to be trained well in a structured, curriculum-based program or they were going to go out into the community with minimal training and “wing it.” Few would have the luxury of spending years as an apprentice in a Pilates studio. I knew that without proper training they would not be able to maintain the integrity of the Pilates Method.

As a lecturer at the Wingate Institute of Physical Education in Israel, I had taught potential teachers and had been involved in curriculum and program development. I had danced for many years and recently completed my Master’s Degree in Dance Studies (1986). I had also been an avid and competitive athlete since my youth and practicing yoga since my early teens.

Given my experience in Pilates, my teaching credentials, and requests from people to train them, I began to channel my passion for Pilates, and my concern about its positive growth, into creating my first Pilates teacher training course. BASI Pilates® was born. It has gone on to become an industry leader in Pilates teacher training and education worldwide.

Our name, Body Arts and Science International®, speaks volumes about our courses and the organization. We combine the science of human movement with the art that is created when it is done correctly—aesthetically and passionately. We honor the purity of the Pilates Method and maintain the legacy that was handed down by Joseph Pilates. As such, the entire original repertoire is addressed and all the equipment is studied. I myself have spent many years mastering this repertoire, from the most fundamental movements to the most advanced, some of which are performed by very few people.

We are committed to providing our students with a solid foundation in the Pilates Method. This basic grounding is imperative if we are to do justice to the Pilates Method, to the client, and to you as a potential instructor. And, as we learn more about the science of human movement, and as the needs of modern society change, we recognize the need to evolve. I strongly believe that if Joseph Pilates were alive today, he would agree with our approach. Namely, combining respect for tradition with openness to scientific and technological advances. This openness has produced the BASI Block System®, the Avalon® System, Pilates Interactive® and many other innovations; all of which organically supplement the pioneering work done by Joseph Pilates.

BASI Pilates stands for excellence, high standards, professionalism, and hard work. Adhering to these concepts, we continue the groundbreaking work of Joseph Pilates and ensure the growth and success of our students, our graduates, and of Pilates itself.

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