Ashley Caggiano


Ashley grew up rock climbing, running, and playing field hockey and was drawn to Pilates for its ability to take her training to the next level, even when a running injury temporarily sidelined her from other activities. She fell in love with BASI after experiencing its athleticism and artistry firsthand, and had the privilege of training in Southern California with Rael Isacowitz, Constance Holder, Sarah Bertucelli, Meredith Rodgers, and Kristi Cooper.

After becoming a BASI accredited instructor, Ashley moved to New York to attend Columbia University, where she majored in political science, continuing to teach Pilates part-time, and developing the Clinical Pilates program at BioKinetic Physical Therapy in New York City.

After graduation, she worked as a human rights analyst in Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe but found that she was able to make a more immediate and long-lasting impact in the studio, and eventually switched her focus, practicing and teaching Pilates fulltime and doing human rights work on the side.

One of Ashley’s greatest joys has been using Pilates to inspire and reconnect individuals to their bodies so that they can move through their lives with greater ease. Ashley has worked with clients ranging from 9 to 86 years of age and has trained professional athletes, physical therapy patients, dancers, and pre- and post-natal clients. She recently opened a studio, Bespoke Pilates, in Fairfield County, Connecticut, where she specializes in enhancing athletic performance.

When she isn’t teaching, Ashley takes classes in biomechanics and movement, dabbles in trail racing and flying trapeze, and goes on adventures with her husband and daughter. Ashley is thrilled to be a member of the BASI faculty. 



Phone: 805.570.6948