Sarah Bertucelli


Sarah Bertucelli has been working as a dance and fitness professional since 1989 and is senior faculty for BASI. She discovered Pilates when searching for a way to treat a debilitating back injury. The method worked, and she never looked back. She received BASI accreditation under Rael’s direction and subsequently joined the BASI Faculty in 2003.  She has taught BASI courses and workshops in China, Brazil, Paris and various locations across the US.

After graduating from UCSB, Sarah spent 4 years as a full time fitness instructor for the renowned Golden Door Spa and Rancho La Puerta before moving on to found and direct The Pilates Studio at Pacific Athletic Club in Palos Verdes, CA.  In 2007, Sarah partnered with the Santa Barbara Athletic Club and started Integrity Pilates, where she served as director for 6 years.  Sarah now teaches Pilates at The Studio at Padaro Beach where Pilates Anytime is filmed.  Currently she has 10 classes on the site, and is one of PA’s most popular instructors!  A mother of two, an athlete, and a dancer, Sarah’s passion for the body builds daily!