Audit a course? Yes, please!

by Kristen Stevenson

As a BASI administrator, I often speak to students, potential students and graduates about how they can audit our teacher training courses.

If a student has taken a break from their training and they want to review the BASI work, I suggest that they audit.  If someone is unsure if they are ready to start such an intensive course, they can audit. If a graduate wants to refresh the BASI basics, audit!  I suggest it all the time but I personally did not know what it was like to audit…until last month.

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The Comprehensive Teacher Training Course began on March 1st here at headquarters. As a BASI Graduate, I decided to practice what I preached to so many and I enthusiastically signed up to audit modules 1 and 2. I wanted to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and because it was literally at my doorstep, I’d be crazy not to.

As I sit on the Cadillac, listening intently to Rael’s lecture, I am in awe and thought to myself, “why didn’t I audit sooner?”  To me, auditing was more than just a review but a deeper clarification of the BASI work. I learned an incredible amount of information during the 2 modules and realized that I was teaching some things incorrectly.  It was like hearing the information for the first time and having many of those “ah ha” moments.

I went through the course 5 years ago and I know that there is an incredible amount of information taught in all 12 modules. How can one person possibly retain that much information?  Auditing really does take away the pressure and stresses of being a student.

Auditing allowed me to refine my teaching and cueing skills, thanks to the proper corrections made due to the watchful eyes of Rael and his assistants.

I rediscovered the foundation of BASI Pilates that weekend and I felt rejuvenated, invigorated and refreshed. It was absolutely an awesome weekend! 

It’s crazy that not more people take advantage of this opportunity. It’s available to everyone, for anyone.

Now, I know firsthand of how incredible auditing truly is and I can encourage all to jump on board.

I’m a believer that you never stop learning as you are always a student…so audit!

-Kristen Stevenson

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  1. Vicki Luccio says:

    Really enjoyed reading this Kristen … Thank you for sharing…

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