Letter From Rael – BASI ProBridge

by Rael Isacowitz


As winter in the Northern Hemisphere nears, it is time to hunker down and get serious about some studying. The course presently under the spotlight is ProBridge. I am so happy and proud of the popularity of this program. As many of you know this is primarily a bridging program into BASI for Pilates professionals with prior qualifications and experience in Pilates. At the same time the value of this course for revision purposes for those who have already earned a BASI qualification should not be overlooked. It is invaluable to audit this program and essentially go through the BASI comprehensive education in a condensed time frame. It is certain to fill in many gaps, and as I have heard from those who have repeated the BASI comprehensive program for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th round, it is like going through the course for the first time.


_MG_8558Photo: Rael Isacowitz teaching ProBridge Global Format at Darte Fisiosalud in San Pedro de Alcantara, Spain in July 2014.


Initially ProBridge was taught only at BASI Academy, but since then it has spread its magnificent wings and been offered in South Africa, Spain, and the Netherlands. The course focuses on the unique aspects of the BASI approach. In structuring the course we have had to scrutinize every module to determine what should be addressed and what can be left to the students to read up on. The one thing we have ensured is, that 100% of the extensive repertoire is taught. So needless to say this is an intense and rigorous program.

probridge 2 JPG

 Photo: Rael teaching the ProBridge course at Darte Fisiosalud in San Pedro de Alcantara, Spain in July 2014. 


We welcome people of all backgrounds into the BASI family, and while doing so we make sure that each person’s unique experience and qualifications are respected and not diminished. Anyone interested in attending the ProBridge, please visit: http://bit.ly/1saCbFY. I can assure an exciting educational journey.

Probridge 3 Guadalupe helping students

Photo: Guadalupe Ruiz-Gimenez, owner of Darte Fisiosalud assisting student on AVALON Arm Chair. 


I am about to depart on the next leg of my Journey of Discovery, which has taken me so far this year to London, Munich, Marbella, Tel Aviv and Istanbul. My next stops will be Tokyo, Brasilia and finally San Diego for the PMA. In December we welcome students for the Master and Master Reunion programs, which is always exhilarating and exciting, but more on that in the next Newsletter.

Finally I want to mention what a pleasure it was to be hosted recently by Pilates Anytime and thank them for their extraordinary hospitality. Santa Barbara is stunning, the studio is second to none and the people are awesome. Thank you to Kristi Cooper for organizing the event, and to all the students who took part. However, I want to single out two people that went above and beyond in supporting me, BASI Faculty, Meredith Rogers and Sarah Bertucelli – I am humbled by your efforts.



 Photo: Rael Isacowitz filming at Pilates Anytime Studio in September 2014.


Stay fit, stay happy and most importantly stay healthy!




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