Host Studio Spotlight: Flow Studios

by BASI Pilates

BASI Pilates recently sat down with host studio owner and BASI Pilates Faculty member, Cindy Reid as she prepares for the upcoming ProBridge Program to be hosted at Flow Studios in Chicago.


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How did you get involved with BASI Pilates, and when?

CR: In 2002 I met Rael at a Body Mind Spirit Conference. At the time, I had completed 2 Pilates training programs and opened my studio, but it wasn’t until his workshop that I felt 100% challenged by the Pilates work, abs shaking, totally humbled. I left thinking Rael’s training could provide me with what I felt was lacking in my former trainings, so I called BASI to say I wanted to host the course in Chicago.  From there I went on to observe courses and apprentice teach before joining the faculty, which I am proud to be associated with now for over ten years!


  •  What are you most passionate about when it comes to Pilates?

CR: Intensity. I strongly believe that the BASI work more than any other Pilates repertoire delivers profound results due to its clarity and therefore intensity.   As a teacher, I’m also very concerned about current fitness trends, which fail to balance mobility needs with strength and stability. Pilates provides instructors the tools necessary for achieving any goal.

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  • What makes your studio unique, what types of classes do you offer?

CR: We offer all levels of Matwork, Reformer, Chair and JumpBoard classes, and even adapted Pilates standing classes for bone building and strength training.  I also offer CoreAlign, Yoga, TRX and dance classes  to compliment the Pilates foundation work.


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  • How many BASI courses have you hosted?

CR: I’ve lost track! 2 a year since about 2004?

  • How many BASI Instructors do you have?

CR: 9

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  • Any fun facts about you, your instructors, your clients? 

CR: A personal career highlight for me was teaching Cirque du Soleil members a mat class in their tent. When I showed them Jacknife, they actually oohed and ahhed. Open Leg Rocker dazzled them. After class I watched a women breeze back into her practice of  single arm balancing in scorpion pose, and you can imagine the rest.


CR: One of my clients has finally recovered from rotator cuff injury and near frozen shoulder after 8 months of consistent Pilates and manual therapy. She now makes a point of warning all the men she works with to postpone surgery and try the Pilates path!

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What do you love about BASI?

CR: I love the precision and intensity of the work, and the feeling of belonging to a larger cause. The BASI faculty is an amazing group and provides great camaraderie!



  •  What would you tell someone looking to sign up for a Pilates Teacher Training Program?

CR: Understand the difference between most and BASI in that we offer comprehensive approach to the work by level, and not by apparatus. Apparatus training diminishes an instructor’s understanding of the full potential of the Pilates exercise system and it’s holistic nature.

Flow Studios:

2248 N Clark St,

Chicago, IL 60614



ProBridge Program

December 5, 2014 – March 22, 2015




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