A Year of Discovery and Change

by Rael Isacowitz

2014 will be a year to remember, no doubt. Two epic events dominated this year for BASI Pilates and for me personally. The Voyage of Discovery, an ongoing trip that took me to 8 countries. The Winds of Change, which describes a philosophical and organizational shift in BASI’s educational teacher training lineup.


The Voyage of Discovery was filled with much travel, which I have come to dread after so many years. However my dislike for travel was trumped by the incredible people I met, and amazing countries I visited. It would take several volumes to describe all the unique experiences I had, and multiple volumes to thank the many people that made the voyage so special and unique. I came away with one resounding sentiment – PRIDE! I say pride in the most humble sense of the word – to feel at once like shouting out my joy to the world, and at the same time feeling humbled to the core.


2014-06-25 09.40.32

(ABOVE: Rael with wife, Adelle in London at the start of the 2014 BASI Voyage of Discovery!)



(ABOVE: Rael teaching a mat class in Marbella, Spain)



(ABOVE: Rael in Japan during the Pilates World Conference teaching a mat class of over 350 students!)


_MG_3279(ABOVE: Rael presenting at the South American Pilates Conference in Brazil)


The Winds of Change is a name I gave to a shift in format of our comprehensive education. For 25 years we have offered the Comprehensive Teacher Training Course (CTTC), and for the last 12 years or so, the Mat Teacher Training Course as well. We decided to split the Comprehensive Teacher Training Course into 2 segments: Foundation Apparatus Program and Comprehensive Apparatus Program. This split pertains to the USA only at this point. Outside of the USA we offer the Comprehensive Global Format (formerly the CTTC). The material remains exactly the same; however splitting it into 2 sections allows people to take on this vast educational endeavor one step at a time. The response has been phenomenal and I thank the BASI team both here at BASI Academy and all our Faculty, Licensees and Hosts for being so cooperative and supportive.

This year has also brought with it changes within the BASI team. Some people have moved on while others have come on board. Right now, this is the A-Team! I could never do all I do without these talented people by my side.



I just wrapped up the Master and Master Reunion Programs, the final 2 phases of Ultimate Pilates. The groups comprised of people from 12 countries with varied Pilates backgrounds. Some were doing it for the first time and others for the 3rd and 4th time. These programs are such a profound experience and inevitably tears are shed as we bid farewell to each other, until we meet again. I wondered to myself recently why we schedule these very demanding courses at the end of the year when my energy resources, and I am certain everyone else’s, are low. Yet it is the perfect time to dig deep and truly explore one’s individual capacity. We come away with new ideas, new concepts and a sense of rebirth as we move into a new year.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 3.43.31 PM (ABOVE: Rael with BASI Faculty member Cengiz Han Ucgun at the 2014 Master Reunion)


So with the New Year in mind, I take this opportunity to wish you and yours a peaceful holiday season filled with health and joy.



4 Responses to “A Year of Discovery and Change”

  1. Adriana says:

    Thank you Rael, you helped us all stay inspired as we followed you through your Voyage of Discovery. It is very exciting and motivating to see the big BASI family growing across the globe!


  2. Donna Moon says:

    It is thrilling to see BASI grow globally. I have to share that I have been teaching BASI Mat Pilates for 6 years. My class average is 40-60 every class. I was told by the gym manager at 24 Hour Fitness that my class is one of the most popular and consistently well attended and has been that way for years. The demand for Pilates is bigger than ever and I often get requests to teach other venues. I also am at Pure Pilates. Several of the Instructors are BASI graduates and the Studio was just voted #1 Studio in Orange County in OC Voter 2014. BASI teacher training is the best! It is the best to prepare students for teaching the general public and beyond.

  3. Rael says:

    Yes Adriana, this is one incredible Family. I appreciate everyone of you. Hope to see you soon, and in the meanwhile, happy holidays to you and the family.

  4. Janeen says:

    Happy Hannakua & a Very Healthy, Happy, & Blessed New Year Rael, Your Family, & the BASI Family.
    This newsletter made my energy level & recovery from surgery even that much more ready with such humbleness and joy for 2015. The words, the changes, the travelling, & all that you do and are to each and everyone of us a true inspiration and most importantly a true loyal, positive, compassionate, honest, dedicated, respected, & a passionate world-renowned Individual in the Pilates Community. Thank You for all you do for all of us. Your a true Inspiration.
    All the Very Best in 2015,

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