Pilates World Conference with Ena & Rina Kirima

by BASI Pilates

In early October, we were given the opportunity to attend Pilates World Conference in Tokyo, Japan, as Rael’s assistants. Never in a million years, did we think we would have the chance to travel to our home country, assist the founder of BASI, learn more in depth about Pilates, and be a part of an amazing community in Japan! This was nothing but a positive experience and we will cherish the memories we made for the rest of our lives!


The day we landed in Tokyo, there was a pre-conference being held at one of the BASI studios in Ginza. The day consisted of a mat class, discussion, and workshop taught by Rael. The studio was absolutely beautiful and we could feel the passion and dedication from every single person in the room. Later in the evening, we got to meet the guest instructors, including Alan Herdman, Pat Guyton, and Samantha Wood, and faculty members of BASI Japan at a dinner party in Ebisu. We were beyond ecstatic to be able to share the night with those who have greatly impacted the Pilates community.

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On the first day of the conference, Rael taught an hour and a half mat class, followed by a workshop. Being able to take the mat class and moving in unison with all of the participants was the perfect way to start the day. For the workshop, Rael kindly asked us to demonstrate exercises that were in the presentation and with his guidance, support, and contagious smile, we were able to perform each exercise to the best of our ability. We also had the pleasure of taking Samantha Wood’s “Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies” workshop. It was an educational certificate course that is important for instructors to be aware of the different types of injuries and which specific exercises to give the clients. At the end of the night, there was a formal dinner for the guest instructors and faculty members of BASI Japan. The night consisted of amazing food, drinks, and traditional Japanese dancing, which brought everyone closer together!

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When we walked into the ballroom on the second day of the conference, we could not believe our eyes! There were over 350 people, all waiting to take the marathon mat class from Rael. After the two hour session, he was amazed at how hard-working and committed the participants in Japan were. During the workshop, he walked us through his daily workout as everyone watched him in complete silence and awe. This day was by far the most impactful day of our trip because we were able to connect with him on a more personal level.



Words cannot express how blessed we feel to have attended our very first Pilates conference as Rael’s assistants. An opportunity like this does not come around often, if not ever. This experience enhanced our goal of becoming a BASI faculty one day and also working internationally to spread the greatness of BASI Pilates. Rael, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your incredible journey. WE LOVE YOU!


Thank you BASI Japan for having us and letting us attend Pilates World! Arigato-gozaimasu :)




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