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by BASI Pilates

We sat down with BASI Pilates Host Cameron Kotch for an interview as she gets ready to host her FIRST Teacher Training Program at the Center of Movement and Balance studio in Solana Beach, CA. Check it out!

How did you get involved with BASI Pilates, and when?

I have been teaching Barre and Pilates since 2010 and I began my journey with BASI Pilates 3 years ago. I researched many foundation programs and the BASI Pilates platform was the best for a more in-depth program that was also affordable.

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What are you most passionate about when it comes to Pilates?

I am most passionate about how it works the body and the mind-body challenge Pilates provides. I also teach Booty Barre and feel that Pilates and barre complement each other very well, plus it allows my Pilates clients to have more movement and add a little cardio to their Pilates based workouts.


What makes your studio unique, what types of classes do you offer?

As an established studio since 1997, we specialize in providing instruction to post-rehabilitation clients. Working with Physical Therapists in the area is a unique offering of The Center of Movement and Balance. We also provide 2 clinical reformers for specialized clientele.  The Center of Movement and Balance studio is also conveniently located on highway 101 in the beautiful beach town of Solana Beach. We have perfect access to the train station for out of town clients.

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How many BASI Instructors do you have?

We currently have three instructors certified through BASI.


Any fun facts about you, your instructors, your clients?

We have a diverse group of instructors teaching at CMB, ranging from dance and yoga backgrounds, Gyrotonic and post-physical rehabilitation.


Any success stories at CMB Studio? 

We have many clients with success stories; from hip and knee replacements to spinal injuries who are all physically mobile and pain free from working with us and continuing to do Pilates. Our studio specializes in Pilates but post-physical rehabilitation as well.


What do you love about BASI?

I love the structure that BASI provides in its Block System and the thoroughness of its training.  It’s nice to be part of such an established worldwide Community that has been so welcoming and accommodating.

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What would you tell someone looking to sign up for a Pilates Teacher Training Program? To start your journey with BASI Pilates is a such a positive and worth while experience. I am so excited to host the upcoming Teacher Training Program at The Center for Movement & Balance because it is the perfect environment for students to fully absorb the material & devote themselves to their practice.



Enroll in the upcoming course at Center of Movement and Balance Studio Now!

COURSE: Foundation Apparatus Program

DATES: Feb. 21, 2015 – April 19, 2015

COURSE COST: $2,199.00

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