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by Stephanie Locke

Let me start by introducing myself – My name is Stephanie Locke, a proud BASI graduate and Marketing Manager for BASI Pilates. I live, eat, and breathe (lateral breathing, of course) Pilates. My BASI Life has been a unique and rewarding one, starting as a Kathy Grant Memorial Scholarship recipient to working with the instructors and industry leaders that I have looked up to for so many years. My job and main goal is to make sure that our BASI Community continues to flourish and provide support to all of you that make up this incredible worldwide family. Over the past two months, BASI Pilates has hosted six successful advanced education courses, selected the 2015 recipients of the Kathy Grant Memorial Scholarship, and taken BASI Pilates to Canada for the Whistler Retreat. If this is any indication of a successful spring to come, then I’m in!


I consider the month of February a time of reflection. One month into a New Year, are we still working towards the resolutions we set for ourselves just a short time ago? Or have we lost sight of the goals we had such high hopes for? One of my goals for 2015 was to grow in my education. Although my desk is only a few feet away from the equipment in our studio, the transition from desk to reformer can be tough. I was so excited to sign up for my second advanced education workshop, The Ultimate Pilates Session, with Rael Isacowitz.


I loved stepping back into the student role for this workshop! Spending the day studying the repertoire with my fellow instructors, thriving on the energy that makes me proud to be in the BASI studio. It has been amazing to hear all the positive feedback from the students, presenters and hosts over the past few months on our most recent courses including Pilates through Pregnancy, Enhancing Athletic Performance and ProBridge.


Prior to first entering a BASI Pilates studio, I was writing to our Operations Manager, Stella Hull-Lampkin and Rael Isacowitz about why I thought I should receive the Kathy Grant Memorial Scholarship. Now, three years after receiving my acceptance letter I had the great honor of being part of the Scholarship selection committee for the 2015 recipients. My BASI Life had a great influence on how I approached the challenging task of choosing the finalists. I am so proud of all the students that applied for this honorable and coveted grant. Although the selection process was incredibly difficult I am confident that all the candidates will excel in their journey with BASI.


While the BASI Team enjoyed the Southern California “winter”, our fearless leader headed to the Great White North to present the second-half of the ProBridge program in Tsawwassen, Canada and lead the inaugural Whistler Retreat, hosted by BASI Canada. Teaching early morning mat classes followed by snowboarding Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains all day, and then eating gourmet meals in the evening sounds like the dream job to me! Rael returned to the office following his excursion with GoPro videos and great stories from his travels. It is always exciting to see the success after such a unique retreat.

20150211_105855 ProBridge - Mat Class

I chose this career because I wanted to help people and I feel that it is our job to provide our clients with the rare experience of feeling the gift of movement. I know that we all have our own obstacles that we have to face whether they are financial or personal, but I do know that there is no price tag on the experiences and education you can receive with BASI Pilates. If you set positive goals for yourself, the best of your BASI Life is yet to come!

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