Q & A with Anthony Lett & Sheri Long

by Anthony Lett

BASI Pilates Advanced Education Director, Anthony Lett interviewed BASI senior faculty member, Sheri Long to learn more about the Pilates with Props workshop. Read now!

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ANTHONY: Thanks for answering some questions for us Sheri. The Pilates with Props workshop looks interesting for both student teachers, and studio teachers. Would that be the case?

SHERI: Yes, for the student teacher they will first see the original exercise and then learn the variation, so it gives them an idea of where we can take this amazing work. For the studio teacher, I know for me I always want to evolve and add layers to the work for myself and for my clients.

ANTHONY: It looks like one of the focus in the workshop is modification, in two respects: to enable a client to do an exercise that may be too challenging and then also to increase the difficulty of an exercise. Is that the case? What is the terminology that you use to differentiate these two types of assists? Can you give us one example?

SHERI: There are some exercises that a client may not be able to do due to a condition or physical limitation. An example, a client with osteoporosis, I have a few exercises that I teach with a straight back instead of flexion or even take a supine exercise and adapt it to a standing exercise so we are getting weight bearing and balance work. My goal is for each exercise to be appropriate for my client, so at times I may need to modify without losing the integrity of the exercise
Terminology: Modifications- change in choreography, Assist- external aid

ANTHONY: Do you use modifications on all of the apparatus in the workshops?

SHERI: Yes, Modifications and assists for Mat Work, Wunda Chair, Reformer, Cadillac, and the Avalon

ANTHONY: It looks as though the selection of props is not random, but well organized into certain categories, or “blocks” as they are known in BASI can you tell us a bit more about this?

SHERI: Yes, I teach the exercises in the BASI block order and try to show exercises with all Ranges of Motion, Stabilization and Mobilization, all levels and fun!


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