BASI Summit 2015

by Constance Holder




Even with the BASI Summit 2015 behind us, there is still a wonderful afterglow that follows such an event. It is without a doubt the high point of a career when you can view your work through the eyes of those you respect. This seemed to be the theme of the Summit as professionals from around the globe gathered with one common denominator between them– BASI Pilates and Rael Isacowitz.

I was particularly pleased to be able to offer an inside look into one of the most successful gatherings BASI has hosted. After all, I pushed (gently) for time to be set aside for faculty in hopes that we could review needed changes and updates.


In mid 2014, we discussed and decided on the two-day faculty review available to all faculty and assistants. Even though we are planning on a gala extravaganza in 2016, an informal “nothing but work” weekend seemed in order to refine course movements and insure each of us is offering consistent instruction. With this thought in mind we put together a schedule.

Faculty responded almost immediately with a resounding “yes”, we will be there!

Whether they were from Australia, Japan, Germany, Greece, South Africa or a number of other countries, individuals set time aside to be away from business and family to dedicate their time and energy to the work of BASI.

Ultimately, this limited gathering was short lived as new program offerings, online exams, marketing opportunities and numerous other topics unfolded truly deserving a platform for hosts and licensees as well as faculty.

As usual, Rael’s wisdom to extend invitations for a full BASI Summit was perfect and set the stage for a well attended beneficial event tailor made for everyone.

Faculty were invited to submit repertoire and theory questions and almost everyone sent in something. I questioned whether we could get through such an extensive list with the many other topics pending, but with the mastery of Rael at the helm, we covered all the material and then some!

Rael offered a motivating welcome followed by introductions to our (almost) completely new administrative team along with descriptions of several new course options, online exams, the BASI Foundation, innovating marketing strategies, website designs and newly appointed host locations and faculty. In between, we were treated to riveting mat classes “Rael style” which left everyone exhausted and looking for more.

2015-04-26 08.37.29

BASI Faculty/Licensees, Theo van der Riet and Lisa Lambarti, discussed the benefits of licensees arrangements, while Carrie Smith outlined host responsibilities. Mario Alfonso spoke about what it has meant in his life to be part of the BASI family and then sidetracked (surprise) into a moving “thank you” to the team. The room was filled with emotion and a few of us (yes, even me) were brought to tears.

Lest it be said the Summit was all work and no play – don’t be fooled for a minute. The ninety plus individuals from over fifteen countries played as hard as they worked. Party on the fifth floor balcony, dancing in the hotel, catered dinners and even some shopping was squeezed in.

2015-04-25 20.41.44

Events such as this genuinely showcase the family theme not only in words but, more importantly, in action. BASI Pilates really does have the most talented team of professionals in the industry and I am proud to be part of such a stellar group.

Rael closed with heart felt words that will take us back to our own studios and lives- inspired by a life devoted to the art and science of human movement. It seemed that Laura Lynn from Canada broke into a beautiful rendition of Sister Sledge’s – We Are Family while Rael led a conga line around the room.

While the BASI Summit’s are reserved for faculty, hosts and licensees, we are already in the planning stages for a Learn from the Leaders Conference in 2016. Our team will all be returning again for two days preceding the conference and many will be presenting at the conference personally.

So save the date, join the fun, continue your education and connect to other professionals in an outstanding gathering of BASI friends, presenters and faculty. They are ready to offer their skills and their hearts after all they have a large supply of both!





April 17-18, 2016 – Learn from the Leaders Conference

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