Letter From Rael

by Rael Isacowitz

Dear Friends,

Although Constance Holder, BASI Pilates Director of Education, and Carrie Smith, BASI Host and Faculty extraordinaire, will be writing about the recent Summit and ProBridge, I cannot restrain myself from writing a few words. My heart is overflowing with excitement and pride.

To witness over 60 committed Licensees, Hosts and Faculty converging on BASI Academy to share ideas, knowledge and support was nothing but a joy to behold. The first day of meetings and presentations flowed as hoped. The second and third days kicked off with high tempo and challenging mat classes that I taught, followed by hours of repertoire review.


The discussions were all to the point and the level of performance clearly of an extremely high level. This level of professionalism was put to the test the following weekend at the ProBridge program. About over 20 Faculty stayed for the entire week so they could attend this program, which I was teaching. There were actually more requests from Faculty to attend that we had to turn down for fear that there would be too many people.


Seeing the BASI Faculty in action as teachers and guides for the students, and at the same time eager students themselves willing and loving to learn new nuances to the work was simply extraordinary. As an aside, the students found it not only helpful but also inspiring.

I will add that prior to the Summit several of the Faculty and several BASI teachers devoted their personal time to do several photo shoots for Pilates Style Magazine articles and covers. In my opinion you could not find better (and more beautiful) professionals (men and women) to grace the pages of Pilates Style Magazine.

A video shoot followed the Summit for some exciting new online classes with BASI Faculty Tash Bernard and Ed Botha, both from South Africa. We are excited to release more details very soon!

All that remains is to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to the BASI Summit 2016 (14-15 April), which will be followed by a BASI “Learn From The Leaders” Conference (16-17 April). Featured presenters will include Deborah Lessen, Michele Larsson, Karen Clippinger and I, plus there will be an incredible lineup of BASI Faculty giving classes and workshops. My niece Maya will be returning to perform following the release of her second album, her first earning her many awards. Save the dates, this WILL be the best we have ever had, and that is saying a lot!


Happy spring season,



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