Mentor Program Prep – Inge Pretorious

by Inge Pretorius

My journey to take part in the Mentor Program started almost a year ago in June 2014, when I first contacted BASI about dates for the program in the coming year; it’s hard to believe it is now just two weeks away.

I have had the privilege of working at the Cape Town BASI host studio since the completion of my studies, and soon after took on an assisting admin. role for the host. Over the last year this has given me greater insight into the BASI Pilates organization and community, and motivated me to look into taking part in the Ultimate Program.

Traveling to the USA location for the Mentor Program was an easy decision as I have always wanted to visit the home of BASI Pilates; and my husband has always dreamt of doing a great American road trip. Following months of planning, the idea developed into an adventure that will begin in Los Angeles at the BASI Academy (for a week packed with Pilates) and end five weeks, and many miles, later in New York City.

Along with the extensive travel planning, the past few months have been a mix of nerves and excitement as I’ve been preparing for my personal Pilates journey within our six week, road trip adventure. Receiving the Kathy Grant Memorial Scholarship highlighted the potential this visit to the United States could have for me as a Pilates professional, and motivated me to dive deeper into my self practice here at home. In preparation, I have been spending many afternoons over the past few months in the sunny Cape Town studio where I teach, ‘playing’ on the equipment, trying out different repertoire some days or just sticking to the fundamentals on others. I find the problem when working out on my own is not having the keen eye of an instructor fine tuning my movements; and more so that those keen eyes will be Rael Isacowitz’s in my private session with him in May. So last week I decided to ‘up my game’ and book in a couple of private sessions at the studio with Ed Botha, BASI Faculty in Cape Town. I am always reminded of the genius of the Pilates method when taking a private session, and always leave humbled and inspired by the potential to work deeper and stronger.


My personal motivation behind this trip is to get a glimpse into the world of Pilates in the United States and meet the many others that teach, practice and live the method. The Mentor Program is just the beginning of this mini Pilates journey of discovery. I am looking forward to visiting and taking sessions at studios wherever possible on our route as we travel through many great cities from San Francisco, Las Vegas, to Austin, New Orleans, and finally New York City.


I will be sharing my journey through my social media channels and posting updates here on the BASI Pilates Blog, so keep an eye out, and you might even catch a picture of me in Hanging Back from the branches of a giant Sequoia Tree.


Follow me on Instagram at @Inge_Pilates, and Twitter at @Inge_Pretorius.


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