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by BASI Pilates

BASI Pilates is proud to feature Tara Businski in the July/August 2015 issue of Pilates Style Magazine. She shares her BASI Life in the latest issue and how Pilates has influenced her military career. The former Marine sat down for a special interview to share  her story.

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When did you discover BASI Pilates and Pilates in general?

I started doing Pilates just after college in 1998 when I bought a book of Pilates exercises, then started attending group mat classes during grad school.  I continued doing whatever method of Pilates was available where I was living through DVDs, equipment classes, mat classes, and private sessions.  My first exposure to BASI was after I moved to CA in 2009 and went mat class at the California Pilates Center and I was impressed by the precision and quality of instruction.


 What was your role in the military? 

I am a UH-1 Helicopter Pilot with 8 years of service in the Marine Corps.  I’ve been flying since 2008 including 2 deployments.  The first was a 6-month Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) based out of Okinawa, Japan.  Basically, a MEU sails around on Navy ships and is available to respond to emergencies and natural disasters while doing training with other countries. My second deployment was to Afghanistan for 7 months.  For the last year I’ve been working as an aviation planner for the command element responsible for the SoCal Marine operational units.  I will leave active service this summer to pursue a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Regis University in Denver, CO.


How did BASI Pilates help you in your military career?

Muscle imbalances and injuries, often leading to back pain, are commonplace among helicopter pilots.  The poor posture maintained in the cockpit combined with airframe vibration can lead to serious pain and ultimately injury.  I believe the core strength, posture, and supporting muscle engagement taught through Pilates has enabled me to fly pain-free and without injury throughout my military career.


 What does BASI Pilates mean to you?

BASI Pilates has given me the knowledge of movement principles, strength, and flexibility to do the other sports and activities I enjoy injury-free.


From your first session with a BASI instructor to receiving your certification to now, what does your BASI Life mean to you?

As a student, I started doing Pilates as cross-training and injury prevention for the other activities I enjoy. Attending the BASI instructor training course helped direct and shape my post-military career plans.  The course was an entry point for me into the science of movement and the art of teaching it and led me to explore physical therapy as my next career.


**Interview date February 2015**

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