Comprehensive Apparatus Modules 1 & 2

by Heidi Rety

I would like to begin by painting a picture of my position professionally as well as my situation as a BASI student. I am coming into the Comprehensive Apparatus Program as a BASI Mat teacher, and I recently completed the Foundation Apparatus Program in Davis, California. I feel the need to say that I have now heard the lecture from the FAP two times, and now more than ever I know their value. What I genuinely appreciate and see that in the FAP course is BASI’s goal is to give us as students the tools and basic knowledge not only to be excellent teachers whom can protect their clients bodies while offering a quality program, but also have the insight to give up tips on how to protect our bodies in order to have a long healthy career in the Pilates industry. Thank you BASI!


My hope in this blog is to offer insight to those considering this program. So, I am going to mention a few realizations that I have made along the way. Firstly, the new concepts that are being presented in the CAP are so interesting! I personally love the lecture about balance in every sense of the word. We observe balance and imbalances on an anatomical level as well as a philosophical level which I personally believe is extremely pertinent to us as teachers, striving to guide our clients to achieve balance in every way… beautiful. Secondly, at this stage in the course we are moving on to more advanced repertoire and a lot of it! I understand now reviewing all of the exercises after each weekend in a must, and investing in Pilates Interactive, an online reference point to all of the exercises is vital, and highly recommended.


Lastly, I consider myself very fortunate as my group of fellow students are so kind and supportive. When you enter a BASI course you can see that you are surrounding yourself with other likeminded people who are taking this journey just as seriously as you are. Everyone comes with a positive attitude and I feel that everyone in my group has such good questions! Which leads me to say what a professional, kind and talented teacher BASI has acquired in Sheri Long. Sheri has a natural ability to provide necessary information and stay on topic all while maintaining a relaxed, fun attitude.




Overall BASI CAP has been just what I expected, another opportunity to dig deeper, understand better and help me to grow into the best teacher I can be.

Looking forward to modules 3&4!

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