BASI Comprehensive Apparatus Program Modules 3 & 4

by Heidi Rety

The Comprehensive Apparatus Program continues to inspire a desire to learn and grow. Due to the fact that we are now deep into the Comprehensive program the repertoire is at a higher level, exposing us to numerous exercises at the intermediate/advanced level. I have to express how exciting it is to practice exercises that we as teachers will have to strive toward proficiency in the movement, and correct execution of the exercise. I feel a sense of determination knowing the Pilates offers a career path where there is so much room for growth and self-discovery. Exercises that I may not perform well today, I am not only interested in learning why and where the challenge lies within my body, but to strive toward excellence with time and patience. Creating an opportunity for an enthusiastic life long journey in the world of Pilates.


As our repertoire progresses, so does the theory. We continue to touch on important fitness principles that guide us in creating an appropriate, safe session for the client. Touching on concepts such as the SAID principle, and a deep understanding of the rotator cuff muscles. Sound knowledge of the shoulder joint in the Pilates method is so very important, due to the fact that so many of Joe Pilates exercises require a great level of strength and understanding in stabilization of the shoulder joint.


On that note I would like to commend Whitney Byrnes, in her detailed and intriguing explanation of the shoulder joint, and surrounding anatomy. Our group was very fortunate because this weekend not only did we have our wonderful teacher Ofie Dates, we also had the pleasure of having assistant BASI Faculty member in training Whitney Byrnes. Having two people available to lecture, guide and demonstrate the exercises was such an enjoyable bonus! I also have a great appreciation for the sincere desire Ofie has to share her knowledge and passion for Pilates with such a patient and nurturing demeanor. Once again I’m feeling truly blessed to have chosen my Pilates teacher training with Body Arts and Science International.




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