Comprehensive Apparatus Program: Modules 5 & 6

by Heidi Rety


I am proud to say that this past Sunday I completed my Comprehensive Apparatus Program in Davis, California, and what an eye opening, fascinating, enjoyable ride it has been. I consider myself very fortunate, not only was I blessed with world class teachers in Sheri Long and Ofie Dates, but I found myself surrounded by likeminded, inquisitive, kind hearted students.

20151003_144654_resizedI have been teaching dance and fitness for years, however due to the vast information this course provides, I know I am at a bright new beginning in my teaching career.


I enjoyed the subject matter of our last two modules very much. We discussed how habitual movement patterns can affect our bodies so very deeply, and how as instructors we can identify these “habits” and strive toward correct muscle recruitment, and balance. Which lead me to examine myself and my own habitual movements as a dancer. One of the unique parts of participating in a BASI training is how much we truly learn about our own bodies. I can personally attest to discovering strengths, weaknesses and imbalances that I had never truly identified before. The beauty of discovering these things about yourself is it gives you the first hand tools and experience to see deviation, imbalance and room for improvement in your own clients.


We furthered our discussion touching on working with “select populations” elderly, children, and even training pregnant clients. Though I don’t plan on being a mom in the immediate future, the aspect of learning how to better serve my clients through my own pregnancy experience offers yet another exciting learning opportunity for me. The levels and layers we gain as teachers come with time. BASI indicates some of the many basic requirements of an exceptional teacher; that I will strive to cultivate with time, clear, effective verbal and tactile cueing, with a well trained eye. I conclude thanking BASI for opening a door for me that would have otherwise been closed due to financial restriction. I am enthusiastic about the road that lies before me. Deepest thanks and I look forward to Centralized Testing.


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