My BASI Life: Efi Mavrogianni

by BASI Pilates

BASI: Tell us about yourself?

EFI: I come from Greece and was born on the island of Crete, but I moved to Athens in 1999. I teach at NYSY studios and Swaha. I love practicing Pilates, walking, hiking, spending time in nature.

BASI: How did you find out about BASI Pilates and when did you become involved with the organization?

EFI: I found BASI in 2010, when I was looking for a Pilates Teacher Training Program. I had been practicing Pilates for 3 years and having seen astonishing improvement in my posture and my bodies ability to function better, I decided to attend a Pilates Teacher Training Program to get a better understanding of the Pilates Method. My teacher, although she was classically trained, she recommended BASI Pilates and she suggested that I should contact NYSY studios where the BASI Teacher Training Program was being offered. From my first session with a BASI instructor, I felt the difference in my body during and after the class. Although it was a beginner class, the work was so profound and deep and I knew that it was the right place for me to study.

I attended the BASI Comprehensive Global Format Program that started in November 2010 through March 2011. I then attended the course again the following year to go deeper in the exercises and after that I attended the Mentor Program in Athens (June 2012) where I met Rael for the first time. It was during his Marathon Mat class that Rael came to correct me and it was then that I knew that I found my Mentor and both my body and life were about to change. After the Mentor Program, Rael asked me if I would like to join the BASI Faculty. It was a great honor for me, but at that time I did not feel ready. I went on to attend the Comprehensive Global Format Program for 2 more years as a student before I eventually joined the BASI Faculty in September 2013.


BASI: How does BASI Pilates stand out to you in the Pilates world?

EFI: As I mentioned, I understood the difference in my body from the first session with a BASI instructor. The session although fundamental, had a structure, a flow and a sense that I had a full body workout, which I love! I felt the Principles that make the Pilates Method so unique, they were present throughout the class. A session that targeted not only the body, but also the mind and spirit. As I continued my training with the BASI training, I was introduced to the BASI Block System, which gives the structure of the class whether it is a mat or equipment class, no matter what the level. I also have to also mention the BASI Pilates Movement Analysis workbooks and Study Guide that are an invaluable tool for the students as well as Pilates Interactive.



BASI: In what way does BASI Pilates make you great?

EFI: BASI Pilates has made a difference in my body from the beginning. A whole body transformation from the first class until now. My body is stronger than ever, my flexibility has dramatically increased and my joints can move freely. I have learned to find my center, not just my center of gravity, but the center of my being. I learned how to stabilize my body before every movement, not only in the Pilates studio but in real life as well. My movement is more natural, not mechanical like it used to be. My spine is no longer fused and although inflammation is often present in my body, it doesn’t effect my quality of life.

BASI: How has BASI Pilates made a difference in your life?

EFI: BASI Pilates has definitely made me not only a better teacher and Pilates practitioner, but also a better person. It has affected all aspects in my life in a positive way.

BASI: How is BASI Pilates helping you achieve your goals both professionally and personally?

EFI: BASI Pilates is a healthy environment for a teacher to grow. It not only gives a strong base/foundation but it offers continuing education in the form of workshops, specialization courses and advanced education programs. It combines the classical repertoire with the most current studies on exercise physiology and it is organic.

BASI: What advice would you give to someone who is looking for a Pilates Program?

EFI: When choosing a Pilates Teacher Training program, you always want to attend the best program. BASI Pilates offers high quality education, University level credentials, and you can choose a program suited to your own needs. You are introduced to all the Pilates equipment during the Foundation and Comprehensive Programs (Comprehensive Global Format for international students). The structure of the course is wisely designed from a  fundamental level, to intermediate, and advanced.


BASI: Do you have any quotes or words you live by?

EFI: Pilates is the first requisite to happiness. Your age is strongly determined by the flexibility of your spine, not your age in years.

BASI: Do you have any role models that have helped you throughout your Pilates career?

EFI: I have been very lucky to study with some of the best BASI Faculty. Each one of them has inspired me to be the person I am today – Balanced in mind, body and spirit.


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