Brett Howard: My Learn From The Leaders Experience

by Brett Howard

The 2013 Learn From the Leaders conference was quite the unique experience for me, filled with excitement and and adventure.

Starting my journey to Newport Beach, CA for the conference, I was faced with bad weather and missed my connecting flight to then arrive late to the first day of the of workshops. Next time, I will make sure it doesn’t happen again, because once I arrived I was treated to a truly wonderful experience.


When Rael asked me to be a presenter for the 2013 Learn from the Leaders conference, I was deeply honored. How amazing to be part of such an amazing presenter line-up, which included Rael Isacowitz, Lolita San Miguel, Alan Herdman and Karen Clippinger, all seasoned teachers with a great amount of experience and all whom I admire, respect and have the utmost reverence for. The event was a real celebration of Pilates. Having teachers present from varied backgrounds and approaches of Pilates, on different themes and course content, but simultaneously expressing the same message and mission using a common language and a love of Pilates.


It was a welcoming environment. The BASI organization made not just me but everyone very comfortable to be there. It was a very positive environment to share and learn in. It was amazing to have the opportunity to take the courses and classes from the other presenters. It was marvelous to be able to teach and share to participants that were thoroughly engaged and open to learning. Everyone was extremely friendly and gracious. There was an incredible amount of inclusion. We were all part of the great Pilates Family.

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One of the best parts of the event was that it was really fun. I enjoyed having meaningful conversations en route to classes and at meals with fellow participants. I enjoyed laughing and dancing with people at the various nightly events. I especially enjoyed spending time with old friends and making new friends. I enjoyed seeing Rael play the guitar as well.


I highly suggest all Pilates professionals attend the Learn from the Leaders conference. This year has an amazing lineup of teachers including Rael Isacowitz, Karen Clippinger, Michelle Larson, and Debora Lessen. In addition to the amazing presenters, Rael is hosting a special evening under the stars titled Celebrate The Night.  Before all of us hit the dance floor, guests are going to a flamenco dance by BASI Licensee, Debora Taddei followed by a special concert by Maya Isacowitz. It is an informative but fun event, with a strong presence of togetherness and community. If you can get the direct flight…


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