Building Healthy Confidence with Pilates

by Valerie Lucas


Imagine experiencing life with little to no confidence. Think of how much it would hold you back from being the successful person you were created to be. Consider the prospect of staying in an unfulfilling profession for a lifetime because you didn’t think you were capable of anything greater. Lack of self-assurance can trap you in unhealthy relationships, surrounded by negativity – something that I have experienced personally. Life without confidence places inconceivable doubts into your head, giving you a flawed view of your potential and stealing your joy. BASI Pilates is a facilitator of confidence by educating people about a highly personalized exercise discipline that is adaptable to their personal needs and limitations.


The physical benefits of Pilates are almost always obvious. We stand taller. Our bodies are toned with noticeable flexibility. It’s undeniable the positive physical attributes gained by consistently practicing the discipline of Pilates. However, the mental benefits aren’t quite as obvious. An hour with a BASI Pilates Certified Instructor, who guides you through precise movements tailored specifically for your body, gives you more than a healthy body. It gives you the building blocks to a healthy confidence, particularly when you are working within your appropriate fitness level with enough challenge to elevate you to that next level. Pilates is an exercise you can do, despite limitations that may have previously prevented you from exercising. It’s an hour you get to focus on yourself and what your body needs, and just as importantly, take control of your health again. The instructor and his/her cueing is focused on your body only and dedicates the entire time to caring for you. Additionally, this use of personalized tactile cueing adds a component of touch therapy. When someone is showing compassionate care, confidence grows. BASI Pilates gives teachers the tools to create personalized sessions, as well as the gift of self-assurance to our clients.


With the invaluable BASI education I’ve attained through the various programs offered by a highly trained faculty, I can give my clients personalized workouts with assurance. This confidence has transcended beyond my Pilates career and directly impacted every aspect my personal life, leading to a newly discovered voice that has saved me from an unhealthy relationship. Thank you Rael and BASI Pilates for helping me to not only discover a passion and a newfound, fulfilling career, but to also acquire a life altering boost in my own self-confidence.

picture with Rael

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