Lorna Sophocleous: Why going to extremes to lose weight is a recipe for failure

by BASI Pilates


Lorna Sophocleous mentors busy professional women over 40 who are really struggling and overwhelmed by their weight and in need of an effective way to conquer their overeating once and for all.

A Certified Master Weight Loss and Transformational Coach and Certified Pilates Instructor, she can help you stop hiding from life because of your weight. Through her signature system, “The Light and Luxurious Woman,” you will step forward into the ‘light’ with your new body and mindset, to create a life beyond anything you thought possible or could have imagined.



Sad woman on diet with vegetables. Isolated on white background.

Sad woman on diet with vegetables. Isolated on white background.


I remember once I had asked a client, “What’s the biggest challenge getting in the way of your weight loss success?”

That started a chain reaction of ah-ha’s that unveiled what it was she was struggling with. She also realized in that moment she was exhausted from it and could not afford to struggle any longer; she was exhausted.

She painfully expressed to me how deprivation and going to extremes was her ‘normal’ and she really didn’t know what would be a good first step to stop this, so she would just stay stuck.

That is what I would do when I was in the yo-yo dieting and overeating phase of my life and it was awful. I did this for half my life and don’t want you to do the same!

That’s why I am dedicating a webinar on this topic this coming Tuesday, August 30th but more on that later.

How come we weren’t getting how this was actually a contributor to the ultimate demise of what it is we say we want so much?

Are you already thinking since summer is coming to an end, that you went to extremes with all the backyard barbecues, concerts and dare I say extra ‘beverages’ and something ‘drastic’ needs to get done?

I gathered some stats around this and the research from the Heart and Stroke Foundation found that:

62% of men and women who lost 5 or more pounds over the past five years failed to keep the weight off.

More than 70% of those regained ALL or even more FAT after their weight loss efforts.

The research further states that:

39% of people trying to lose weight followed plans that restricted certain foods or food groups

31% used meal replacement bars or shakes

23% used weight loss supplements or herbs

23% tried extreme fasting

I’m sure you were told to:

~count calories
~”no pain, no gain”
~muster up as much willpower as you can
~go to the gym for 2 hours a day

The thing is, when we are in the place that we want it so bad, we will do just about anything!

Here’s the thing: It’s not about the food! It’s all about mindset.

When we go to extremes, we will always rebound because it’s just not sustainable. Then we start telling ourselves we are a failure, or make excuses that we have no time, need to over-exercise and more.

Let’s look at how we can go from deprivation and extremes to eating luxuriously as a way of being and your non-negotiable lifestyle.

3 Tips for Mindset Success for a Rich Life to Stop Extreme Dieting:

1. You need to have the mindset of the woman or man that you want to become. How does he/she think? Who does he/she hang around with? Envision him/her and then act from that place , your higher self.
2. You create a successful mindset by replacing the ‘old, negative tapes’ that are running over and over again in your mind. When you think a thought over and over again, it gets wired into your brain. You start to believe that thought or limiting belief. Yet it does not mean it’s a fact.
3. Heighten your awareness of your sabotaging thoughts so you can do what’s called a pattern interrupt-to start thinking thoughts that really supports your highest self and start a new, positive pathway.

When you shift your mindset and limiting beliefs, you feel less stressed, love what you see in the mirror and feel more joy in your life.

If you are interested, you can sign up for my free Master class presentation webinar this Tuesday, August 30th b@2pm EST, 11 am PST by simply clicking on this link,


If you have any questions about the content presented here, please feel free to email me, lornawellness@gmail.com

To feeling light and luxurious!


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  1. Szymon says:

    It’s true that people can’t keep their new weight. Why? Because in most cases they are doing it wrong way. They eat regularly 2500-3000 calories with fast food, chips, frozen food, etc. They start the “diet,” cut to 1000kcal, that their body is traumatized. Eat only “green” stuff. They lose 3-5kg, drop the diet and start the same thing again, but this time, your body will keep as many fat as possible to prevent it in future and to maintain the energy right there. You need to be smart if you want to change something. Start cutting the calories every two weeks (like 100 – 200), cook food in your kitchen, leave greasy sauces behind, find something you like to eat that is healthy. After eight weeks you should be used to a new stuff and will not miss old things. PLENTY diets will allow you to eat amazingly tasty foods that are healthy. You just need to look around :)

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