Rising Star of Pilates Jody Stern Continues Her Journey

by BASI Pilates

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Each Summer I take a six-week sabbatical from my studio. It is what I refer to as “filling my tank” for the rest of the year. I am grateful indeed!

I spend most of that time staying in an ocean view condo, with crashing waves as a constant sound and the massive Pacific Ocean in view from every window.

A highlight the last four years has been going to BASI headquarters for at least one private, some Summers two or three privates, with Rael. It is time that I value and appreciate beyond words. This year I caught Rael before he was leaving for six weeks! I, of course, had a number of things I wanted to go over, and he was so gracious to fulfill most of the requests on my “wish list!” I have so many exercises in my own practice that I am working on, it is difficult to choose, but so worthwhile to get correction and alignment from the master himself!!!

I do quite a bit of mat work on my own, either with the Pilates Interactive app or something I program for myself from the BASI repertoire. This started in 2012, the year I took the inaugural BASI Pro Bridge course, where each of the three days began with a mat class. I worked so hard to keep up that first weekend, began practicing weekly and six months later did a bit better.

Doing a mat class with Rael is like no other Pilates challenge anywhere else! I remember my very first mat class with him at a conference more than ten years ago. My chin was on the floor most of the time. I was simply blown away and no where near able to move how I am able to move now, after studying, practicing, and putting BASI Pilates in my own body each week for the last four years!

My hardest mat class ever to date has been a Theraband class Rael taught in March of 2014 before the Avalon Chair Course. I was shaking during the warm-up, and knew that I had some real work to do if I ever wanted to be successful with that again. Shoulders and back were a big focus in the class, as both are passions of Rael’s. It was a struggle and constant effort for me that day!

I stumbled upon a Theraband mat class almost a year later, and have repeated it a half a dozen times, plus another couple of times without Rael, but rather with my own notes, the ocean and Dave Matthews on YouTube for inspiration!

The funniest thing was the second time I did the class on P.I., I realized that the “Jody” that Rael corrects or calls out nine times during the class was me! I heard it the first time I watched, but was so busy trying to stay precise, that I did not realize it was me and that I had been in that very class on March 29, 2014!

I have worked diligently this Summer, doing at least one mat class weekly on P.I. and have now done the Theraband class three times here in my little paradise. I feel so strong! I am proud to no longer need those same corrections from that first class! Whether he is live or on my laptop, Rael makes me dig deeper each and every time!

2017 class schedule:
-Mat: http://www.basipilates.com/education/class/2007/mat-program/
-Foundation Apparatus Program: http://www.basipilates.com/education/class/2008/standard-foundation-apparatus-program/
-Comprehensive Apparatus Program: http://www.basipilates.com/education/class/2009/standard-comprehensive-apparatus-program/
ACE Programs:
-Enhancing Athletic Performance: http://www.basipilates.com/education/class/1960/enhancing-athletic-performance/
-Pilates for the Mature Client: http://www.basipilates.com/education/class/1961/pilates-for-the-mature-client/
-Pilates: Integration into Therapeutic Practice: http://www.basipilates.com/education/class/2000/pilates-integration-into-therapeutic-practice/

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