Q&A: Pilates Matwork for the Mature Client

by BASI Pilates

Sheri LFTL Mat 2

Anthony: Hi Sheri

Sheri: Hi Anthony,

Thanks for talking with me again.

Anthony: My pleasure

I want to find out more about your new course “Pilates Matwork for Mature clients”

You have been very successful with your course Pilates for Mature Clients. What made you create a course specifically with only Matwork?

Sheri: I love the Mat work and taking a Mat class is a wonderful option for this population. It is more affordable than a private session and quite often people in this age group are retired and living on a budget. Being that it is taught in a group setting it provides a positive social interaction which is so important for the emotional well being of this population, but due to common musculoskeletal conditions and limitations in this group it can be quite challenging to teach a Mat class that is appropriate, safe, and meets the needs of this age group.

I teach Mat classes on a daily basis and I have people of all ages in them. I wanted to create a workshop that focused specifically on the Mat work while still discussing the general needs and restrictions of this age group. I didn’t want to just give out a list of exercises that are safe, I want teachers to leave this workshop with maybe a better understanding of what movements maybe contraindicated depending on the condition and what is safe so that when we are teaching a Mat class we can still be creative, still challenge the students no matter how old they are in a safe manner.

Anthony: Have you had to modify the traditional Matwork for Mature Clients? Can you provide us with some examples?

Sheri: I am always modifying exercises but it really depends on the condition of the client, so you will have to attend the workshop to find out what those many variations are.

Anthony: What are some of the challenges when working with Mature Clients?

Sheri: I think the challenge for me at times is when everyone in the class has some condition, and they all need different modifications, I must address each condition offer a variation quickly and keep the flow of the class going. And make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

Anthony: When completing the course, should teachers be able to set up a class for mature clients?

Sheri: Without a doubt yes and I hope have a better understanding of working with these “Ageless Beauties”

Anthony: What re the key take home messages from the course?

Sheri: I feel strongly that if someone lives to be 70, 80, or even 90 they are strong souls and I feel it’s our responsibility to help them continue with a good quality of living.

I want to challenge them safely, help them to feel strong both mindfully and physically. And most of all help them to remember that they are still important in this world.

Anthony: Thank you so much for the information Sheri. I am sure this course will be as successful as the previous one! Best of luck with it.

Sheri: Thank you Anthony

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