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I took my first Pilates session with a Physiotherapist a few days after having severe surgery on my left foot in 1993. I had torn 3 tendons while rehearsing the classical ballet, “Swan Lake”. Before I went into the operating room, my doctors informed me that I had a 50% chance of ever dancing again. Obviously, they were not very optimistic. But they didn’t know my willpower and me! My only thought was to get back on the stage. I went to the Pilates Studio every day, knowing I needed to strengthen my core and the entire body before I put weight on my left foot or even jumped or turned on it. I succeeded and danced in several German State Theatres for another 10 years. Even with a full rehearsal and performance schedule, I continued taking Pilates sessions as often as possible.


In 2002, I decided I needed to know more about the Pilates technique and took my first education course with Polestar Pilates. In 2003, I stopped dancing professionally and started to teach at the European Polestar Pilates Headquarters in Cologne/ Germany. I continued my Pilates education with Pilates Bodymotion and was part of their faculty for 9, traveling around Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Even with my education from Polestar and Pilates Bodymotion, I felt there was still more to learn about the Method. I applied for the first BASI Pilates® ProBridge Program in 2012. I fell for BASI from the first second. It was so intense, strong and at the same time deep. I was completely blown away and knew I had found home.

Mariam Younossi

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