RISING STAR OF PILATES Brandon Gamble: Reaching for Greatness

by BASI Pilates

rs-brandon-gamble_blog_600x600_72dpi_101216My first introduction to BASI Pilates® was at a conference in California, where I had the opportunity to take a mat class led by Rael Isacowitz. The flow, technique and athleticism of the movements literally blew me away! After that class, I knew I had to learn more.

In relatively short order, we brought BASI Pilates to the Northwest and began hosting teacher-training courses. Bonnie Sessions was my first teacher and I absolutely loved her knowledge and her enthusiasm for the work. Over the past eleven years now, we’ve been hosting BASI Pilates courses and workshops in the Seattle/Tacoma area. They have been, and continue to be, a huge success.

I am, currently, a senior faculty teacher for BASI Pilates. I travel all over the world teaching the BASI method. I love what I do and the people I meet. I truly feel that Pilates has been a gift, and I now have the opportunity to share that gift with others. Along with rewards of teaching in my studio and a around the world, Pilates keeps me fit and strong for the things I love to do (surfing and snowboarding). I couldn’t ask for a better life.

My two-thousand square foot studio in Tacoma, WA, employs eleven BASI Pilates instructors. Our classes and private instructions are offered throughout the day, seven days a week. We all study together, workout with each other, and teach the BASI method to a vast array of clients ranging from top athletes to post-rehabilitation. I’ve always said, “anyone can do Pilates”, and that stands true here.

I couldn’t ask for a better life with better people. You might hear us talking about the “BASI Family” and think, that’s just some cliche’, but it’s holds true to form. We are a great big beautiful family community and for many years to come, I’ll enjoy the friendships I’ve built over the years. You might just become one of them!

To learn more about Brandon click http://bit.ly/BASIRS8


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