Rising Star of Pilates Kathy Robinson: Inspired Growth

by BASI Pilates


My name is Kathy Robinson and I’d like to share my BASI Pilates journey with you. I am not a dancer, elite athlete or have any fitness certifications. However, I have been a dedicated participant in the fitness world since Jane Fonda sported her first set of tights and leg warmers. I began skiing at age 6 and as an adult worked hard to stay physically strong so I could continue to ski as I aged. Four years ago I took a very serious tumble while skiing and severely injured my right knee. As I went through the healing process at 55, I quickly realized that the fitness regime that worked for so many years was no longer suitable.

One year ago I stepped into the Reform Pilates/Barre studio in my home town and was bitten by the Pilates bug and inspired by an instructor who was about to celebrate her 70th birthday. She had begun her Pilates journey at 54. That day changed my life. My friend has scoliosis and Pilates was the only thing that brought her relief. Not only did I discover a practice that will generate a strong healthy body as I age, but a compelling call to learn and teach.

I researched several programs. I was looking for very specific characteristics because I’ve not been a student for over 30 years.

A culture that embraced body, mind and soul

An approachable, personable faculty

User friendly, logically sequential course material

On going support

BASI Pilates training has wildly exceeded my expectations. I had the opportunity to spend the week prior to my first training modules at BASI headquarters in Costa Mesa. The atmosphere is welcoming, warm and genuine. I was able to attend classes, observe world class faculty and enjoy a 90 minute session with Rael. The entire faculty, staff and Rael were helpful, kind and humble.

It is my intention to practice, teach and share BASI Pilates until I make that final transition to the big BASI studio in the sky!


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