From Costa Mesa to Portland: My BASI Training Continues….

by BASI Pilates

From Costa Mesa to Portland: My BASI Training Continues….

by Kathy Robinson

img_1475Training in Portland was Huge Fun.

I have fallen in love with mat work. Honestly, I used to loathe it. Until this past weekend I did not “get” the “flow” everyone talks about when they speak of BASI. Not only did I get it in my head but I could feel its energy. Brandon’s movements from one exercise to the next seemed effortless and logical. When I watched Ofie move I was in awe of how beautiful and gracefully she executed the movement. I was in awe of Brandon as well. Observing different bodies execute the same movements with grace and precision was extremely educational. I enjoy and watch the instructors on Pilates Anytime, but seeing a warm body actually do the work is the ultimate observation nugget.

Brandon asked all of us if and how much we had been practicing. All of our answers varied. I have been practicing on the reformer but not much on the mat. I have felt really overwhelmed by the body of work. I almost felt like (pardon the analogy) I was pissing in the wind because there is so much to wrap your head around. I was not feeling like I was really moving forward. Talking this through with Brandon helped a lot. Because he’s a guy he is more inclined to keep things simple. He said to take the time you need to focus on the mat work and movements on the reformer will make more sense. This is a marathon not a sprint so give yourself the time and grace YOU need to let the movement feel good. The calm and sense of accomplishment I felt after mat class is the way I used to feel after a run.

img_1488Brandon was also very attentive to each student during class. My chest lifts improved immensely because of his cueing and appropriate “atta boy’s” . I even made progress in my roll overs. I am still using a small ball under my bum to assist, but I am definitely on my way to an unassisted roll over. Poor Jaque had to stick a BOSU under me when I was in Costa Mesa, now I’m just using a small ball. Brandon applauded me for my baby steps and improvements and that meant a lot.

My three favorite nuggets from the weekend are feeling the BASI flow, focus on the fundamentals of mat, and using the magic circle when doing push-ups to strengthen the serratus. One more profound piece of wisdom from Brandon….. stop worrying about how you think you look in photos. Let it go and be proud of the work you are doing. I am proud to be the poster child for the not so hottie Pilates body. I’m so blessed to have met all of you.
Kathy Robinson

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