Inside a BASI Pilates Teacher Training Foundation Program

by BASI Pilates

The Journey begins…

BASI Foundation Program


BASI’s Foundation Program kicked off at the end of February at our Host studio, Beach Pilates in Toronto, Canada. BASI faculty member Katie Wright introduced our newest group of Pilates teachers in training to anatomy, repertoire and BASI’s approach to the Pilates Method. Here, we get an inside look at the Foundation Program experience thanks to student Karyn Lau — we can only guess at the fun Pilates metaphors they were playing with. Read on.

Hi Katie, Jamie and Laura Lynn,

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks before I pass out from blissful Pilates exhaustion for an incredible learning experience this first weekend!

I think I can speak for everyone in the class when I say we definitely learned A LOT this weekend and we are so thankful for such a great time! We can only imagine the enormous amount of work that goes on “behind the scenes” to make this course possible, and appreciate sincerely all the hard work you put in for making this weekend such a positive experience.

Katie, you are such a knowledgeable instructor and we are very lucky to have you start off our journey! We will never look at spaghetti, our drive to the grocery store, or buy potatoes without thinking of all the fantastic Pilates things we learned from you. Your keen eyes, passion for anatomy, and ability to connect with the participants’ learning styles so efficiently give us all something to aspire to as student teachers. Thank you and we can’t wait to see you!
Jamie, thank you for all your organization, preparation and guidance. Your coordination has made this learning opportunity possible. Communicating with you has made the registration process easy and things were so well prepared for us. Thank you.

Laura Lynn, you know we love you. Thank you for creating such a welcoming space for learning and for hosting this course!!! Everything you did to promote, plan, communicate, and facilitate this program is something we are so grateful for and it is hard to believe how giving and supportive you are. Know that we acknowledge and recognize how much you do. You inspire us and we are expanding the Pilates-Geekdom here in Canada.

And last but not least, to my new friends in Pilates — I’m sure you’re as tired as I am and tonight’s not the night to be reading Karyn’s long emails LOL. It is such a joy though to learn with such a warm, friendly, and supportive group and I look forward to seeing you around the studio for practice or for the next modules. I’ll be sending you another email later in the week with some photos and information about practice for the upcoming weeks!

Many thanks!!! And good night! (wait, now I have to return to the real world? I was so happy in BASI-retreat).

Thank you Karen Lau, for choosing to be part of our community, and for your wonderful letter.

Learn more about the Foundation Program. We are enrolling programs around the US through 2017.

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