Pilates and Shoulder Stability with Rael Isacowitz – A Mat Chat

by BASI Pilates

Whenever you are teaching or doing a Pilates exercise, and whatever life activity you are engaged in, shoulder stability is important. Recently, we introduced a new series of mini videos: Pilates Mat Chats with BASI founder and Master Teacher Rael Isacowitz. Here is Rael’s Mat Chat, Shoulders, the Second Powerhouse. Enjoy!

Add a deep understanding of shoulder mechanics and stability to your continuing Pilates education with Rael’s upcoming course Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle. Coming August 2017. Early Bird enrollment is still available. Learn More Here.



2 Responses to “Pilates and Shoulder Stability with Rael Isacowitz – A Mat Chat”

  1. Renee Campbell says:

    Thank you Rael for your video on the upper powerhouse. I also feel very strongly that the placement of the scapula is too often over looked. I speak to my students often about the importance of keeping the scapula down on the back of the rib-cage and keeping the collarbone wide.
    Keeping the scapula in place limits the degree of curve of the thoracic spine (most of us have too much curve there thanks in part to todays lifestyle), preventing the ‘widow’s hump’ and assisting the back extensors (multifidus) in keeping us balanced in an upright posture. Between the frontal muscles of the core, and proper placement of the scapula, the spine can be protected from top to bottom throughout wide ranges of motion.
    In other words – thanks for pointing out that the front AND the back, and the top AND the bottom all matter!

  2. BasiPilates says:

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