Episode MMXVII- Pilates Legacy

by BASI Pilates

On May 4th (and May the 4th be with you!), we had a lot of fun posting our latest video previewing the new Legacy Program, an evolution of our renowned Ultimate Pilates Program. Click the image to Enjoy!


The Text from the Video:

Rael Isacowitz traveled the globe from South Africa to Israel, to London and Australia getting stronger in the Pilates Force ( Method). His journeys brought him to the US, where he learned from the great Pilates Elders and built the headquarters of Body Arts and Science International. In the beginning, it was only Rael training the BASI Pilates Padawans. They grew strong in the BASI way and expanded the legacy to more than 100 locations around the world and over 30 countries. 30 years later, BASI Pilates continues to train young Padawan learners in the arts and science of the Pilates Method. Many will become strong with knowledge, but only those who are trained in the fabled Legacy Program will become true masters. They will be challenged mentally and physically, but in the end, will be ready to build their own legacy. The BASI Pilates Legacy Program.

  1. Mentor
  2. Master I
  3. Master II
  4. Honors

Empower Your Legacy.

 Stay tuned for more information. 

See the May The 4th Be With You Video

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