Alena Derby de Paz

Alena Derby is a Pilates Instructor and massage therapist. She comes to Pilates from a background of outdoor adventure sports, and found that Pilates is a great cross training tool to keep her balanced and strong for her true loves- Kiteboarding, mountain biking, standup paddleboarding, and skiing. She lives in in Washington, DC, however her love of the ocean and travel sends her to Nantucket, MA during the summers, and guest instructorships when possible to meet Pilates communities everywhere. Alena trained classically through Power Pilates in 2007, and has focused on continuing education thru the Mentor and Master Programs at BASI. An interest in anatomy, biomechanics and movement has led to continuous learning and observation. She is full body certified in ART (Active Release Techniques) and is pursuing NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) Level 2&3 in 2015.

Learning to keep it Simple!

by Alena Derby de Paz

June of 2012 started an intense period of learning, of education and branching out of how, what and why I teach Pilates. I was a Kathy Grant Scholarship recipient for the Mentor Program at BASI- I felt so honored to work with and learn from Rael Isacowitz, especially as I was not from a BASI […]