Heidi Rety

Comprehensive Apparatus Program: Modules 5 & 6

by Heidi Rety

  I am proud to say that this past Sunday I completed my Comprehensive Apparatus Program in Davis, California, and what an eye opening, fascinating, enjoyable ride it has been. I consider myself very fortunate, not only was I blessed with world class teachers in Sheri Long and Ofie Dates, but I found myself surrounded […]

BASI Comprehensive Apparatus Program Modules 3 & 4

by Heidi Rety

The Comprehensive Apparatus Program continues to inspire a desire to learn and grow. Due to the fact that we are now deep into the Comprehensive program the repertoire is at a higher level, exposing us to numerous exercises at the intermediate/advanced level. I have to express how exciting it is to practice exercises that we […]

Comprehensive Apparatus Modules 1 & 2

by Heidi Rety

I would like to begin by painting a picture of my position professionally as well as my situation as a BASI student. I am coming into the Comprehensive Apparatus Program as a BASI Mat teacher, and I recently completed the Foundation Apparatus Program in Davis, California. I feel the need to say that I have […]