Inge Pretorius

Inge Pretorius graduated as a Comprehensive BASI Pilates instructor in 2012 at the Cape Town host studio, edb Pilates; soon after she joined the team as a full time instructor. Since completing her training she has continued to expand her Pilates education through Advanced Education Courses presented by several members of the BASI Faculty, including Rael Isacowitz. In 2015, Inge received the Kathy Grant Memorial Scholarship for the Mentor Program. In 2013 Inge qualified as a Strong First Kettlebell trainer, broadening her knowledge base and adding a different dimension to her teaching. The methodology and detailed approach of both these disciplines, and the opportunity of working with new BASI students at the host studio, has fuelled Inge’s passion and teaching style, to educate rather than simply instruct clients in the Pilates method.

Mentor Program 2015 – Inge Pretorius

by Inge Pretorius

I have had this one word stuck in my mind from the first day of the Mentor Program, starting with the meet and great on the Friday morning, and if I’m honest even before that from my private session with Rael the day before. Inspired. Part of the BASI philosophy that has always resonated with […]

Mentor Program Prep – Inge Pretorious

by Inge Pretorius

My journey to take part in the Mentor Program started almost a year ago in June 2014, when I first contacted BASI about dates for the program in the coming year; it’s hard to believe it is now just two weeks away. I have had the privilege of working at the Cape Town BASI host studio […]