Samantha Wood

Sam is a licensed physical therapist, an MBA from USC, a Yoga Alliance-certified instructor and a BASI Associate Faculty member (whew!) Co-owner of The Cypress Center in Pacific Palisades, CA, where Pilates is integrated with physical therapy for people of all ages and abilities, she is the creator and presenter of BASI's highly successful Pilates for Injures and Pathologies course.

Should Athletes Do Pilates?

by Samantha Wood

Samantha Wood is a licensed physical therapist since 1997, PMA Certified Pilates Instructor, Yoga Alliance certified teacher, and an international educator and Associate Faculty member for BASI Pilates®.  She has an MBA from USC and is the owner of The Cypress Center in Pacific Palisades, CA where Pilates is integrated with physical therapy for people of […]

Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies

by Samantha Wood

We all know that the success of Pilates is partially due to the positive effect we make on individuals who come to us seeking improvement of minor aches/pains/injuries. Sometimes we are able to determine their problems are postural or due to poor alignment. However, it is a fact that Pilates Studios are seeing more and […]

Advanced Education Corner

by Samantha Wood

Wow, here we are in July, half way through 2013! Have you done anything yet this year to advance your career in Pilates?  I hope you were able to take part in our fabulous Learn From The Leaders Conference and/or experience at least one of our Advanced Education workshops or courses this year.  But, don’t […]


Safety and Magic Go Hand-in-hand

by Samantha Wood

Safety is everything in Pilates and knowing how to deal correctly with clients suffering from  injuries or chronic conditions can often make the difference between a great instructor and one who, at best, doesn’t aggravate an existing condition. Many of the workshops in BASI’s Advanced Education program focus on clients with specific needs – and […]


More Advanced Education in store

by Samantha Wood

What an exciting year it’s been for BASI Advanced Education!  Forty-six advanced education courses and workshops were given in over 25 cities around the world, and that doesn’t include our first-ever, full-length online workshop, Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle. This year, there were plenty of opportunities to take our signature workshops and courses, such as […]


Asking about advanced education

by Samantha Wood

You can make a difference. That’s the slogan of a BASI Pilates survey into advanced education preferences and directions that is currently underway. The purpose of the survey is to ascertain which workshops and workshop topics are of greatest interest to the professional Pilates community. The results will guide us in determining BASI’s advanced education […]

featured agelessbeauty

Sheri Long’s Ageless Beauty

by Samantha Wood

The first outing of BASI’s new workshop, “Ageless Beauty: Pilates for the Mature Client”, presented by faculty member Sheri Long, was full of important information and great new exercises to use with older clients. In my studio, the majority of our patients/clients are over 60, so I am really excited about the new repertoire I can now share […]