Stephanie Locke

As a proud recipient of the 2013 Kathy Grant Scholarship, Stephanie now serves as the Marketing Manager for BASI Pilates. She has been practicing Pilates for almost 10 years and continues to teach Pilates at BASI Pilates Studio in Costa Mesa, CA. Stephanie enjoys cooking and practicing her dance moves as well as hiking, wake boarding and snowboarding in the beautiful state of California!

BASI Community News

by Stephanie Locke

Let me start by introducing myself – My name is Stephanie Locke, a proud BASI graduate and Marketing Manager for BASI Pilates. I live, eat, and breathe (lateral breathing, of course) Pilates. My BASI Life has been a unique and rewarding one, starting as a Kathy Grant Memorial Scholarship recipient to working with the instructors […]

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The Passion that Drives Us

by Stephanie Locke

June 2nd was not just another day on my calendar, but one that holds special meaning, not only accomplishment and pride, but faith and passion.  The weekend would mark the completion of the Comprehensive Teacher Training Certification course at California Pilates Center. A diverse group of women from all walks of life came together three months […]

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Deep Breaths

by Stephanie Locke

If I could sum up my last few weeks it would be flash cards, Pilates Interactive videos, study sessions, and a whole lot of deep breaths!  The ladies and I of the California Pilates Studio in Oceanside, CA diligently prepared ourselves for the Midterm of Module 7 in the Comprehensive teacher training program.  Typical to […]

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Crossing the Finish Line

by Stephanie Locke

I have just completed Module 5 and 6, or the midway point for the Comprehensive Teacher Training Certification at the California Pilates Center. I think any student can relate when looking at the Wunda chair, Avalon or Cadillac and think “how did Joseph Pilates come up with this stuff?” But after completing the footwork on […]

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Meeting the Cadillac

by Stephanie Locke

I returned to Oceanside, CA for Module 3 and 4 of the CTTC course, and what an amazing few weeks it has been since my first day with BASI.  When returning to the California Pilates Center, I was so excited to see everyone and continue learning with our amazing instructor Sheri Long.  This weekend was […]