"BASI showed me that with care and hard work one can really inspire people to make amazing changes in their lives."

BASI recently caught up with Cengiz to gather insights from her experiences. See our Q&A with him below:



Q: Where are you currently located?I live in Istanbul with my family. I am married and have 2 sons, one of them is 20 years old and the other one is 3 and a half. 

Q: When did you begin your journey with BASI Pilates?

 Soon after I was introduced to the Pilates Method in 2004, I discovered Rael’s System 7 and I started to follow his work. Finally I got to meet him in Athens Symposium in 2009. Then I completed his Passing The Torch Mentor Program in 2010. In 2011, I became a BASI Host in Turkey. This year I have become BASI Faculty and BASI Licensee for Turkey.

Q: Tell us about the day you took the photo for the ad.

I am an ex-pro volleyball player and I also play amateur soccer for almost as long as I played volleyball. I adore soccer or what we call in Europe, Football.

My picture was taken while I was warming up before a soccer game. I currently play center forward, and when I was younger I played right center defense. There were teams warming up and practicing all over the field. The younger teams were running across the field and warming up for practice. There are many leagues in Istanbul, playing almost year round starting in September through mid June. 

Q: What is your typical Pilates routine during the week?

I am currently practicing Pilates at least 4 to 5 times a week to get ready for the Mentor and Learn From The Leaders Conference and to become Faculty coming up on August 3rd

Q: How has Pilates helped you in your athletic career?

During my career as a pro-volleyball player, I never understood how muscles worked together, and using the mind-body connection. There was no depth, we just did what we needed to be done.

In football (soccer), I am thinking of Pilates and the advantages it gives me over the competition. I have improved my balance and concentration on the field against my opponents. I now incorporate the BASI repertoire in my warm-ups before a game typically about 15 – 20 minutes.

Q: How does BASI stand out in the Pilates World?

 In my opinion BASI Pilates Training is playing a very important role in the evaluation, development and improvement of the method. I strongly believe that BASI helps growing this industry with dedication, hard work and care for Pilates.

Q: In what way does BASI make you great?

The BASI philosophy is to be serious, dedicated, and precise. I am very connected with this mentality that makes me work hard to get better eachday. 

Q: How has BASI made a difference in your life?

BASI made me believe in this method more than anyone or anything. BASI showed me that this is a very special method and with care and hard work one can really become a guide for people to make amazing changes in their lives.

Q: How is BASI helping you to achieve your goals, both professionally and personally?

After my Teacher Training with BASI, my approach and understanding of Pilates surely got much deeper. As I work out, I am so much in depth within my body then I was ever been. Teaching my clients/students is so different before and after my BASI trainings, in a very positive way!

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is looking for a Pilates Program?

Everyone should do good research before they choose a school. To meet and get information from graduates is imperative. Legacy is very important; who is the founders and creators of that school and what is the mission of the school is important research every student must do, it makes whole lot of difference.

Q: Who are your role models?

One of my biggest role models is BASI Pilates Owner and Founder, Rael Isacowitz. We became good friends and I see him as a brother. I want to be a part of helping BASI get to the highest level. I like to put 110% into my work and Rael has always been a great teacher of that. 


BASI Pilates’ philosophy is to be dedicated and precise. I am very connected with this mentality and that makes me work harder. I believe in this method more than anyone or anything. 




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