Pamela Shanti Pack

"BASI Pilates has allowed me to continue living my own life passionately and climbing my dreams"


BASI® recently caught up with BASI Student, Pamela Shanti Pack, to gather insights from her BASI experiences. Enjoy our Q&A with her below:

Q: Tell us a little about your rock climbing career?

I am flattered to be considered as one of “the top offwidth authorities in the world” (Climbing Magazine August 2013). An offwidth is a wide, off-sized crack too big for fist jams yet too narrow to be a chimney. Off-width cracks are reviled by many climbers, because they are physically grueling, technically challenging, painful, and often perplexing.  

Q: How did you find out about and become involved with BASI Pilates®? 

I was first introduced to BASI Pilates five years ago while do physical therapy at Alpine Physical Therapy in Missoula, MT with Leah Versteegan, MS, DPT and Samantha Schmidt, PT, CPI who are both exceptionally talented PTs and BASI Trained Instructors. I was being treated at that time for a dislocated rib, but subsequently they treated for me for a badly herniated disk at L5/S1 and a ruptured disc at L4/L5 that made it impossible for me to walk much less climb. Both Leah and Samantha utilized BASI Pilates as a significant part of my rehabilitation. After 4 months of rehabilitation for my back I was climbing stronger than I had before my injury.

Q: What are your goals as an instructor?

I completed the Comprehensive Teacher Training at Pilates Denver in Greenwood Village, CO. I plan on teaching BASI Pilates with an emphasis on rock climbers and other extreme and/or outdoor athletes (mountain bikers, mountaineers, ice-climbers, boaters). I feel that BASI Pilates could be tremendously beneficial to all styles of climbers as part of a complete training program in order to prevent injuries, rehabilitate injuries and enhance athletic performance. 

Q: How does BASI stand out in the Pilates world?

The BASI philosophy maintains the essence of Joseph Pilates’ work while addressing and integrating modern knowledge and science to the principles of movement. It allows for unlimited evolution as scientific knowledge changes as well as limitless creativity with regards to choreography. BASI not only addresses rehabilitation but can also be easily and creatively integrated into any athletic training program. 

Q: In what way does BASI Pilates make you great? 

BASI Pilates has enabled me to excel in my style of climbing as well as enhanced my understanding of the Pilates method and the science of human movement and how to integrate them scientifically and creatively. It has inspired me to help others reach their potential as athletes or simply in their daily lives.

Q: How has BASI made a difference in your life?

Not only has BASI helped me with the rehabilitation of numerous injuries including ruptured and herniated disks, a partially torn ACL and a dislocated rib it has significantly enhanced my athletic performance. As much as I do love training for climbing, the four to six hours a day I spend in the gym become monotonous. My BASI Pilates classes and private lessons are the only part of training that I consistently look forward to. The BASI classes are always unique, exciting and fun. Furthermore, the BASI Block System makes it possible for instructors to cater to my needs on that particular day as well as address my overall goals. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking for a Pilates Program?

Having just completed my training, I would tell other athletes or people helping athletes to perform better, with less fatigue, more power, and more efficiency that they should look no farther than BASI – it’s the best program out there.

Q: What do you love about BASI? 

What I most love about the BASI Pilates is the endless possibilities for creativity and evolution of the method. My other favorite aspect of the BASI training was learning the Block System which provides a formal structure for developing sessions but enables the instructor to cater to the particular needs and goals of each client.


The challenge to be more than we are lies both outside and within each of us. Are we not reminded daily of the power and also the vulnerability of the human physique? Reaching, bending, lifting—the toll of physical activity can either come at a cost to our bodies or be made easier by the inner drive to sculpt what is on the outside.

What is your response to the inherent challenge issued by Joseph Pilates: “It is the spirit which shapes the body”?
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