BASI Pilates® has been providing top-level education in the Pilates Method for over 25 years. 

BASI is committed to giving every student in our Pilates teacher training programs the highest quality education in the Pilates Method. BASI graduates teach all over the world and are part of an expanding BASI family of passionate, dedicated, and highly skilled Pilates professionals. Our programs are rigorous, and are meant to bring forth the greatness in each potential teacher. And, our students are supported throughout their journey by an exceptional team of faculty, each of whom are completely dedicated to making every student successful. Learn more about our educational programs, download the BASI brochure.

For students embarking on the path to becoming a BASI qualified Pilates teacher, see details below or call us, +1 (949) 574-1343. We'll be happy to help you find the right program!

Mat Program 

Designed for those who want to gain thorough knowledge and training of the Pilates Mat exercises and the Pilates principles of movement, the Mat Program can lead to a BASI Mat Teaching Credential, and is the perfect springboard to the Appartus Teacher Training Programs. Those attending this program will receive a Study Guide and a Mat Movement Analysis Workbook (MAWB).

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Standard Apparatus - U.S. Programs

The BASI Standard Apparatus - U.S. program is an enduring foundation for a career in Pilates. Two programs, taken sequentially, make up our Standard Apparatus Trainging: the Foundation Program and the Comprehensive Program.

Graduates are qualified to teach up to advanced level students on the full compliment of Pilates equipment, including BASI's F2 System. They will also qualify to take the PMA Pilates Certifcation exam.

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Comprehensive Global Format Program

Offered only outside of the United States in selected Host studios and licensee territories, the Comprehensive Global Format Program provides in-depth studies, both academic and practical, on the full range of Pilates apparatus and Mat work. 

Students completing all Comprehensive Requirements may test for a Comprehensive teaching credential. Graduates are qualified to teach students from beginner to advanced level on all standard pieces of Pilates equipment and to take the PMA Pilates Certifcation Exam.Graduates are qualified to teach students from beginner to advanced level on all standard pieces of Pilates apparatus. 

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ProBridge Program

The ProBridge Program is an intensive study of the BASI Method designed for qualified professionals. It is offered within the U.S. and outside of the U.S. at selected Host studios and licensee territories. This intensive program credits the experience of the qualifying professional for previous Pilates education. Focus is placed on the principles and methodologies that represent the key differences between BASI and other teaching methods.

Students completing ProBridge Requirements may test for a teaching credential.

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Dance Specialization 

Our Dance Specialization program, made up of Foundation Dance and Comprehensive Dance, is an expanded version of the Standard Foundation and Standard Comprehensive programs with addtional modules specific to dance repertoire on the Mat and Pilates equipment.

Our Dance Specialization program (which is divided into Foundation Dance and Comprehensive Danceis an expanded version of the Foundation and Comprehenisve Standard programs with additional modules specific to dance repertoire on the Mat and Pilates apparatus. The specialization program was developed by BASI Pilates founder, Rael Isacowitz M.A. and dance expert Prof. Karen Clippinger, M.S.P.E. 

Dance Specialization Requirements 

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Continuing and Advanced Education

We always encourage our students and graduates to continue their studies through Advanced Education. Following the Comprehensive programs is the challenging Ultimate Pilates* with Rael Isacowitz. This program consists of the Mentor, Master and Master Reunion Programs. A Certifcate of Completion is issued follwoing each individual program.

There are also a wide array of high-caliber Advanced Education Certificate Courses and Workshops, as well as the BASI "Learn from the Leaders" conferences world-wide.

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