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“Creativity is when the teacher and the pupil are the same person.”  

— Arthur Koestler

At BASI Pilates®, one of our most important missions is to encourage Pilates teachers to continue learning. As BASI® founder Rael Isacowitz says, earning your Pilates teaching credentials is the beginning of the journey. After that, the real learning begins -- with experience and regular polishing of your skills and knowledge.

We encourage professionals to progress through BASI Pilates Advanced Education. Following the Comprehensive Apparatus Program is the challenging Ultimate Pilates Program with Rael. This program consists of the Mentor, Master and Master Reunion courses and upon completion a certificate will be issued for Ultimate Pilates. 

In addition there is a wide array of high-caliber Advanced Education Certificate Courses, workshops, and BASI “Learn From The Leaders” conferences offered around the world. These are certain to expand a professional’s knowledge and horizons.

Open to all Pilates professionals regardless of their original certification, BASI Pilates Advanced Education provides a structured program that ensures everyone the opportunity to stay on the leading edge of the Pilates Method and continue growing within the Pilates profession.

BASI Pilates Advanced Education provides professionals with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in Pilates for:

  • Specific purposes
  • Specific population groups
  • Anatomical focus on specific body parts
  • Advanced repertoire on all apparatus
  • Teaching practices and methodologies

International symposiums and conferences are part of BASI’s Advanced Education offerings. We also work with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) to ensure that our program participants earn PMA Continuing Education Credits (CECs) whenever possible. Learn more about our advanced education, download the BASI brochure.

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Liability Insurance

BASI Pilates is proud to offer its students and graduates premium liability coverage from Pilates Insurance Plus at a special group rate.

BASI Pilates has teamed with Pilates Insurance Plus (PIP) to offer its students and graduates the best liability insurance available for the lowest cost! BASI is the first Pilates educational institute to implement a group liability insurance discount from Pilates Insurance Plus to cover its students both during enrollment and following graduation for a total of 12 months. For the first-year rate of $79, BASI students receive professional, general and product liability insurance, rental damage insurance, identity theft protection and stolen equipment coverage. Each student also receives a free professional website! BASI graduates have access to the same premium coverage and benefits for the discounted annual rate of $149. Plus, each graduate receives coverage for more than 350 health and wellness disciplines!

For more information, call 800-969-3189. 

*Open to students studying or graduates teaching within the United States and its territories or on U.S. military bases around the world