Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle

Presenter: Rael Isacowitz

Subtitled “Shoulder mechanics, function and the Pilates repertoire,” this workshop is an upper girdle extravaganza! Immaculate control and correct shoulder mechanics are essential in Pilates, particularly when performing the higher-level work. The workshop focuses on understanding and implementing correct shoulder mechanics, both while performing the Pilates repertoire and in everyday activities. Shoulder- related problems are among the most frequently encountered among clients, and shoulder-related cues are among the most common given when teaching. Focusing on the evolution of approach to this region of the body, this subject needs to be addressed and understood by every Pilates teacher.

This workshop is approved by the PMA for 11 CECs.

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The workshop is devoted to understanding and implementing correct mechanics of the shoulder girdle using the Pilates repertoire. Appropriate mechanics and immaculate control of the shoulder are essential, particularly when performing the higher-level work. The constant involvement of the shoulder region in everyday activities highlights the importance of the upper girdle and the potential problems emanating from it. Shoulder-related problems are among those most frequently reported by clients, and cues relating to the shoulders are among the most commonly used by Pilates teachers. This subject is one that needs to be addressed, learned and re-learned on a regular basis.

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