Download forms, anatomy review and other handout information you'll need once you are enrolled in a BASI® Teacher Training Course. Check back as we continue to add new files for downloading.

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Download PDF

Download includes:

  • Practical Workout Hours - Track your practice hours (up to 200 required).
  • Observation Guidelines - Guidelines to abide by while observing certified BASI Pilates ™ trainers in the Pilates studio.
  • Observation Hours - Track your observation hours (up to 100 required)
  • Observation Notes - Guidelines and questions to help you get the most out of your observation time.
  • Trainee Teaching Guidelines - Guidelines to help you get the maximum positive experience from your trainee teaching.
  • Trainee Teaching Hours - Track your teaching hours (up to 200 required).

Anatomy Review - Targeted anatomy information study guide to prepare for the anatomy quiz in Module 4.

Download PDF

PDF Includes:

  • Class Syllabus  - Outlines the main concepts and discussion points for each module.
  • Exam Outline - Outlines when exams are given, subject matter covered, and other helpful exam information.

Client Record (pdf) - What you need to have your clients fill out.