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JumpBoard Dynamics Workshop

JumpBoard Dynamics Workshop

Workshop Schedule

  • History of JumpBoard. Review anatomical/alignment issues. Introduce jumpboard vocabulary optimal landing, jumping and flight recruitment patterns.
  • Learn jumpboad class warmup including core warm-up and lower chain warmup, review common footwork errors, learn basic jump technique, learn various flight and landing positions.
  • Introduce choreography and learn jumps by block system: glute focus, quad focus, hip flexor focus
  • Jumps for lateral hip and trunk control, abdominal focus, foot and ankle focus. mini-class. 
  • Jumps for athletes and advanced coordination, arm umping, jumps for dancers.
  • Complementary board repertoire for programming, considerations/modifications for specific populations, stretches using the board, structuring a class.


  • Participants will learn the following:
  • Optimal efficiency in jump technique.
  • How to screen clients for injury risk.
  • A "jumping" vocabulary for teaching jumpboard.
  • A large repertoire of jumps filed according to objectives and muscle focus.
  • Complimentary repertoire and stretches on the board.
  • Considerations/modifications for special populations including dancers, athletes, post-partum, seniors.
  • How to structure a class.


This workshop is approved by the PMA for 3 CECs.