The Avalon Step Barrel DVD

The Avalon Step Barrel DVD
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The Avalon Step Barrel is a gigantic step forward in the evolution of Pilates apparatus. Not since its creation by Joseph Pilates have such profound changes been made, at once maintaining all the attributes of the original piece but adding new dimensions in form and function. The entire classic repertoire can be performed, with improved alignment, plus an entire new realm of repertoire with unlimited potential. The Avalon Step Barrel arrives with a fully integrated and adjustable handle and spring system, which is interchangeable with the system on the Avalon Arm Chair. This is a MUST for any serious professional.

Rael Isacowitz, M.A. is recognized internationally as an expert in the Pilates method. He has worked extensively on five continents sharing a rich background as a professional dancer, athlete, teacher and master of Pilates. Incorporating this together with 30 years of teaching experience, Rael directs Body Arts and Science International Certification (BASI), a comprehensive teacher training program founded in 1989. In 1991 he established On Center Conditioning, a Pilates studio in Southern California, which serves as the international headquarters for BASI Pilates.

Rael has presented worldwide, including being the first Pilates professional to be invited to Mainland China. He has authored many articles and a recent book, Pilates (Human Kinetics), a definitive text and reference for Pilates professionals and enthusiasts. Rael brings to his teaching unparalleled expertise combined with a passion for his work, which he shares generously with all.