Rael System 27 | Advanced DVD

Rael System 27 | Advanced DVD

System 27 is about movement.

There is a flow, vigor, and energy.

System 27 is geared towards the fit individual who has a good grasp of the fundamentals of the Pilates method and wants to move to the next level of mastery.

This practice will be challenging got he most avid athlete and Pilates professional, yet the beauty of this practice is that it

is accessible to any healthy person with commitment.

All the benefits of the Pilates method culminate in System 27. Every aspect of your life can be enhanced feel rejuvenated, less fatigued, lose weight, improve muscle tone, increase flexibility, and even better your cardiovascular capacity.

Take this life changing step - and never look back!

Rael Isacowitz, MA is a 25 year veteran of Pilates and recognized internationally as an expert in the Pilates method. He has worked extensively on five continents in the fields of dance and Pilates sharing a rich background as a professional dancer, athlete, yogi, teacher, and master of Pilates. Rael founded Body Arts and Science International (BASI) in 1989; one of the most respected comprehensive educational programs in the world. Rael is one of a handful of teachers who has mastered and performs the entire Pilates repertoire to the highest levels and continues to practice and integrate the work into his life.

Special feature: An interview with Rael following the end credits.