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Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle

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The first complete BASI workshop ever to be made available online

Now awarding PMA CECs

"I just downloaded Rael’s shoulder workshop! It was amazing. Rael always is! For us in Greece, who are isolated, on-line workshops are very helpful. The BASI community in Greece is small but has a strong will and always loves to learn! Can’t wait for the mentor program in Athens! More on-line BASI workshops please - we need them!!!" – Maria Sylla

Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle, subtitled Shoulder Mechanics, Functional Movement and the Pilates Repertoire, is a provocative new workshop from BASI founder Rael Isacowitz.

Launched in February 2012 in Costa Mesa, the two-day workshop was filmed in its entirety. The film has been edited, annotated, reduced to a compact eight hours 15 minutes and divided into sessions for easy viewing.

Now, for the first time, a full workshop by Rael is available online at a very low introductory price. It is a unique opportunity for everyone  who was unable to attend the workshop in person to experience Rael’s teaching.

Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle is the first of many BASI workshops and courses that will be filmed and offered online to the Pilates community.

Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle

The workshop is devoted to understanding and implementing correct mechanics of the shoulder girdle using the Pilates repertoire.

Appropriate mechanics and immaculate control of the shoulder are essential, particularly when performing the higher-level work. The constant involvement of the shoulder region in everyday activities highlights the importance of the upper girdle and the potential problems emanating from it. Shoulder-related problems are among those most frequently reported by clients, and cues relating to the shoulders are among the most commonly used by Pilates teachers.

Even though Rael has given a number of workshops on shoulder mechanics over the years, this workshop provides a unique perspective on the way we recruit specific muscles and advocates a rethink of the concept of “pulling the shoulders down" - a forced action that can create tension and be counterproductive.


The Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle online workshop is available in three packages.

The Full Workshop - $159.90 [6 PMA CECs]

All sessions from both days of the workshop, plus both mat classes. (See details.)

Day One - $99.90 [3 PMA CECs]

All sessions from the first day of the workshop, plus the first day mat class. (See details.)

Day Two - $99.90 [3 PMA CECs]

All sessions from the second day of the workshop,plus the second day mat class. (See details.)

The CEC certificate will be downloaded from this site to participants who successfully complete the quiz. After your purchase is complete, you will be able to access the Webinar from your BASI account. They will be located in the blue box on the right hand side of the screen on your account page, under "Purchased Webinars."