Balance Point Pilates Studio

Barbara Zaro is a BASI Pilates host and certified Pilates Instructor.  She is the owner and principal instructor at Balance Point Pilates Studio located in the heart of Downtown Davis, CA.  In addition to her Pilates education, she comes to the work with an extensive background in both business and dance.          

Before opening her studio, Barbara worked as a strategic planning and organizational development consultant for the continuing education arm of the University of California, Davis.  She also studied and performed ballet for many years, and continued to do so as she pursued her education and developed her professional career path.  Her passion for movement inspired her to continue teaching and performing ballet on the side while she worked fulltime at her day job. 

Barbara’s personal path to Pilates began in 1997 when she embarked on a post-surgical rehabilitation program for a serious back injury.  Her physical therapist introduced her to Pilates mat and apparatus as part of her regimen to strengthen her back.  She soon discovered the significant healing and strengthening power of a regular Pilates practice.   The progressive nature of the program brought her back to health. 

Encouraged by her successful rehabilitation, she enrolled in a comprehensive teacher training program offered through Turning Point Studios.   After successfully completing her certification she shifted careers and began teaching Pilates.   She subsequently discovered the BASI method while taking classes from Rael at conferences.  Impressed by his work, she completed the BASI Pilates teacher training program. She continues to teach the full complement of Pilates mat and apparatus classes at her studio where she also enjoys hosting the BASI program for aspiring new teachers.