BASI Pilates Studio

  • location 3080 Bristol Street
    Suite 500
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
    United States
  • phone (949) 574-1343
  • website

BASI Pilates Studio offers excellent facilities for the study of the Pilates method as well as the world renowned teacher-training certification.  It is furnished with the complete range of equipment developed by Joseph Pilates, as well as a variety of accessory apparatus used by practitioners in other fields of movement therapy. Our world-class studio is spacious with beautiful ocean and mountain views, and is conveniently located in the Costa Mesa/Newport Beach area of California, with close proximity to all main freeways. We are proud of our center, which is internationally recognized as one of the world\'s finest Pilates studios - and sets a standard in the industry.

BASI Pilates Studio welcomes new students at every level. Sessions are tailored to individual needs and can include all the equipment in the Pilates arsenal, according to the requirements of the individual.

The studio’s instructors are fully qualified to assist with individual goals, ranging from weight loss and body toning to pain management, core stabilization and joint mobilization. Our clients range from Pilates beginners to physical therapists to professional athletes and dancers.
The work at BASI Pilates Studio focuses on:

  • Alignment and awareness
  • Balance of musculature and correct movement patterns
  • Control
  • Development of all aspects of fitness
  • Efficient movement
  • Harmony of body and mind
  • Fun and fulfillment