Darte Pilates Marbella

  • location Calle Jose Echegaray S/N
    Linda Vista Baja
    San Pedro de Alcantara, Malaga 29670
  • phone 3(495) 285-3220
  • website http://www.dartepilates.com

contact email: info@dartepilates.com 

DARTE PILATES MARBELLA is a holistic fitness centre based fundamentally on the Pilates Method, but thanks to the incorporation of several health professionals, the centre can offer other related services such as general and specialized physiotherapy.

DARTE PILATES is situated in San Pedro de Alcántara (Marbella) in the province of Málaga, in the south of Spain. As Marbella is a beautiful city of the “Costa del Sol” (in the extreme south of Europe) it is renowned and recommended for its temperate climate, its more than 300 sunny days a year, its wonderful landscapes bordering on the Mediterranean Sea and famous for its quaint white villages of Andalucía. It attracts approximately a million and a half of tourists per year in the summer months. This feature means that DARTE not only relies on a loyal local clientele all year round, but also works with a lot of tourists who don’t want to miss out on their Pilates classes while they are on holiday. It’s important to say that more than 50 % of the clients are from other European countries that choose Marbella as their place of residence or retirement because it offers such wonderful professional health services.

Concerning its trajectory, the first DARTE centre opened in June 2006 by its founder Debora Taddei. In September 2010, thanks to her association with Guadalupe Ruíz-Giménez, the other co-founder and one of the most brilliant and well-known Pilates teacher on the Costa del Sol, DARTE PILATES MARBELLA expands and opens its second studio making it 7 years that DARTE is offering its high quality of services and loyalty to its clients.

To reflect the vision that we would like to transmit in our Pilates centres, we chose “darte” as the name of our company. In Spanish this word means “I give you something”, also it contains the word “art” which brings us to a greater meaning: “the art of giving”. Based on the 3 dimensions of all physical discipline, body, mind and spirit, DARTE wants to look after the balance that unites these 3, so that its main service is “the art of giving a Pilates class”.

First and foremost, one of the essential objectives of DARTE is to offer a high quality service professionally and on a human level. We try at all times to achieve a balance between the expansion and the consolidation of the company and the importance of maintaining the fundamental bases of the Pilates method, avoiding commercial concessions that could harm its essence. Another essential objective is to help teachers to improve their technique and at the same time to acquire a wholesome and profound vision of the service that is being offered, and on the other hand making sure that the clients are not only taking Pilates classes but they are also being immersed in the process of learning about their bodies, minds and spirits so that in every class they take another step towards harmony in their lives. The learning attitude that Guadalupe Ruíz-Giménez and Debora Taddei are applying in Darte Pilates Marbella is the same attitude they wish to transmit to the Darte team and their clients. Each person who either works in Darte or is a client should take from the centre a good Pilates class, and also some new inspiring knowledge, be it physical, intellectual , emotional or a combination of them all.

Darte Pilates has at present 4 teachers with an excellent trajectory. Because of Darte’s added association with Basi Pilates, we expect to increase the team in terms of quality and quantity. Darte also has 3 administrators, one each for the 2 centres and a public relation`s officer. To compliment the team, Darte has introduced a urogynachological physiotherapist so the Darte family has 8 members in total.