Dynamic Pilates Australia

The Studios & Locations

Centrally located across Sydney, Dynamic Pilates offers exciting, comprehensive and cutting edge Pilates workouts, is fully equipped with the best equipment and offers clients studio access to leading local and global instructors. Our Manly Studio location speaks for itself, the perfect combination of beach and fitness in Sydney’s Northern Beaches region, while our Crows Nest Studio services the immediate and busy northern CBD region of Sydney’s Lower North Shore, and finally our third Studio in Glebe is centrally located in the funky Inner West and services the immediate area along with Sydney’s CBD

About Gemma Sadler, Owner of Dynamic Pilates Australia

Gemma Sadler is the proud founder and owner of Dynamic Pilates Australia. Gemma has been working in the fitness industry for two decades and took up Pilates in the early 2000’s as a cross-training tool to enhance her personal training business. Gemma’s constant passion and commitment to the Pilates method has proven highly successful, having helped hundreds of clients both in Sydney and London, to achieve mind blowing results and a more focused approach to their future fitness. With the establishment of Dynamic Pilates Australia, Gemma is continuing to expand her business vision of empowering and inspiring people to achieve the results they desire, while enabling them an active and improved healthy lifestyle